Feijoa with honey

By Admin | Health Recipes
08 June 2016

If you have seriously decided to do a healthy diet, then be aware of the beneficial properties of the amazing berry that has the flavor of pineapple along with a subtle scent of strawberries and tropical kiwi.This is the fruit of an evergreen tree - feijoa.

If these fruits together, such as honey, but this product is also distinguished by its composition, it is possible to say with certainty what will happen amazing mixture, which can rightly be called a fairy!

Feijoa, combined with honey, is considered to be an effective tool not only for the treatment of certain diseases.Such a composition is actively used to maintain the whole body in good shape and prevent some diseases.About the medicinal properties of this composition can talk endlessly, and it will help different people at very different illnesses it is due to the diversity of its members, as well as vitamins and minerals.

To connect the overseas berries with honey, it is not necessary to have some knowledge, it is enough to have on hand in e

qual parts of one and the other product.Feijoa pre-wash.Peel to remove the berries and the fruit itself is ground using a blender.

Spread the berries in a jar, which has poured honey (any).If honey is stale and has thickened slightly, it can be pre-melt.Once covered for several times a day is shaken, it is possible to stir.

This mixture will enrich your body with iron, pectin, iodine, helps to normalize blood pressure.Blood sugar levels will gradually return to normal.People who regularly take such a composition, are gradually beginning to feel more cheerful, they occur physical and mental activity, increased hemoglobin and immunity.

Those with mental health problems and those who are often almost without reason falls into a nervous condition, are beginning to feel some comfort, and irritation, as usual does not come on the little things, and it is becoming easier to restrain myself.Improve heart.The dream becomes a better man quickly falls asleep and wakes up without any problems.

Honey mixed with myrtle, take the presence of diseases of the digestive system, including stomach ulcers.In addition, at constant reception takes place comprehensive cleansing of the body.The liver and kidneys after such a cleansing start to work without interruption, and your metabolism returns to normal.