Can I eat apples in diabetes?

By Admin | Health Recipes
08 June 2016

Apples are considered not only the most popular fruit, but also the most useful product in the diet.Apples contain not only iron, vitamins and minerals, they also control the level of glucose in the blood.In such diseases as diabetes, apples - the correct and rational choice.Of course, not everyone with diabetes can eat foods, even if they are healthy and vital.For apples are not affected.

importance of apples in diabetes

Apples are mainly composed of water, its composition is almost 90% of the fruit.Apples contain sugar up to 15%.And because the natural sugar is different from the product, the apple does not cause glucose sharp rise in glucose.

Apples must be present in the diet of diabetics.This product has all the nutrients that are important for the patient.Also this product helps to meet the need in sweet products, while not causing damage to health.

glycemic index in apples low - approximately 40. Each fruit contains an average of about 20 grams of sugar.But apart from that it has needed for

a patient vitamins - A, C, B (1, 2, 6), P, PP and E, as well as fiber.If we consider the content of vitamins, the vitamin A is greater than 50% of citrus.Apples has carotene, starch, iron, potassium, calcium, pectin, organic acids and so on. D.

benefits of apples in diabetes

Apples help to keep the immune system in a normal state.This fruit is extremely necessary in the period of beriberi, anemia.Daily consumption of 1-2 apples can saturate the body with vitamins and trace elements, work as a fortifying agent.Apples develop resistance to radiation, help normalize metabolic processes in the body.Apples do not harm diabetic patients even if they contain sugar.This product is very useful, because fructose does not cause hyperglycemia.

most enormous importance of apples for a diabetic is that the fruit is able to reduce cholesterol levels in a patient, which prevents the development of atherosclerosis.On this affects apple pectin and fiber.In a medium-sized apple contains about 4 grams of fiber, and peeled - 3 grams.

Apples are useful for vessels to leave because they help the body cholesterol, also reduces the risk of blockage of the veins.Besides blood vessels supported by pectin, which prevents the development of atherosclerosis.Suffice two fruits a day to lower cholesterol.

Apples reduced metabolism, electrolyte balance.This fruit - Rejuvenating an apple that keeps youth and skin, hair and nails.Apples help to rapid healing of wounds, which is very important for patients with diabetes.

course, everything should be back to normal.Three apples a day can only have a positive impact on the patient's condition.More and not have to, but smaller too.Apples in diabetes are not dangerous.