How to treat a hoarse voice?

By Admin | Health Recipes
08 June 2016

Who faced with the problem of hoarse voice, he understands how hard it is to carry this state.There is a problem most often during colds or when the voice of the "frustrated".

go back voice is actually much more complicated than it may seem so to those who at least once already faced with this trouble, you need to be very careful and take care of your voice, because it is possible that now that the voice will be lost permanently.With the loss of voice problems may occur not only at work but also in life!

How to start treatment?

impossible to determine the treatments, not knowing why lost (hoarse) voice.So you need to think carefully and remember that the impetus.

  • 's voice was lost in the result of a long conversation, possibly in a raised voice.In this case, your ligaments were simply torn and chafed.All that is needed in this case - is to reassure them.It is suitable warm tea, which you can also add a little lemon and a couple of spoons of honey.You can make a little bit of mint, and chamomile and
    drink herbal tea, which is also good soothing.At the same time try not to cry over, even in the event that all will pass quickly.Hoarse voice the newly restored may disappear at any minute and then have to start treatment again.
  • Voice sipnet or even disappear from the fans to drink a cold beer or ice water on the street.In this case, a binder and need zastuzheny "warm", preferably several days.To do this, boil the potatoes in a "uniform" and ligaments hover over a saucepan.Water should be drained.Pan put on the floor, the patient sit on it with your mouth open, and throw on top of a warm blanket.Sitting on the ferry need as much as you can tolerate, after a minute, come back again.And so to breathe steam until the potatoes cool.You should try to perform breaths nose and exhale through the mouth pairs.If you - not a supporter of traditional medicine, please contact the hospital and walk on inhalation, are prescribed by a doctor.
  • When hoarse voice as a result of the consequences of a cold or a serious infectious disease, there should be a more effective treatment.There would be a variety of herbal teas, which should be several times a day, gargle.Typically, for the preparation of decoctions and infusions using the following herbs - calendula, thyme, mint.Good for this purpose helps cranberry or raspberry jam, tea prepared on the basis of rose hips and lemon balm.

to soften ligaments should be done periodically for a few sips of vegetable oil.You can drink boiled milk to which are added after the boiling fat or butter.It is desirable to warm tea with milk and honey.

This will not only reduce inflammation of ligaments, but will disinfecting effect.In addition, during treatment is necessary to protect ligaments, not to aggravate an already difficult situation.Any cry, another hardening lead to dropouts re-vote.Normally, the voice can not recover in a week.If not, contact the hospital.