Skin rashes in diabetes

By Admin | Health Recipes
08 June 2016

According to statistics, 30% of people who have been diagnosed "diabetes" experiencing complications in the form of skin lesions.The first symptoms appear on the skin rashes.If, during the notice and see a doctor, you can remove skin diseases.For this it is necessary to follow the daily skin people with diabetes.

Why do people with diabetes appear skin diseases?

People with diabetes high blood glucose level, so they have a loss of body fluids.Because they have dry skin on elbows and feet, and feet.The skin cracks due to drying out and germs get into the affected area, causing an infection that can develop into serious complications - such as diabetic foot ulcers and amputations.That is why people with diabetes should be a priority to maintain the skin in good condition.

People with diabetes are prone to skin diseases such:

  • Diabetic scleroderma appears on the back of the neck or upper back.Treatment - control normal blood sugar level.
  • Vitiligo manifests the appearance of white or discolored spots
    on the skin of the chest and abdomen, eyes, nose and mouth.The treatment - hormone therapy.
  • Acanthosis nigricans appears sealing and darkening of the skin in certain areas - in the neck, under the breasts, in the armpits, in the groin, in the skin folds, skin fingertips.Treatment is not indicated.
  • microvascular and macrovascular shown thickening and discoloration of nails, loss of vision, impaired thermoregulation and sensitivity, as well as hair loss.Treatment - improving emikrotsirkulyatsii blood in the tissues and physiotherapy.
  • sprinkler xanthomatosis appears as a waxy, thick, pisiform yellow plaque on the buttocks, face, back of the legs and arms at the joints of the limbs.Treatment - to reduce triglyceride levels and raise high polyunsaturated fatty acids and very high density.
  • sclerodactyly manifests itself as a thickening of the skin on the fingers and toes, as well as impaired mobility interphalangeal joints and difficult to straighten the fingers.Treatment - monitor the level of blood sugar.
  • rash and plaques appear on the skin.Treatment is carried corticosteroid ointments.
  • Bacterial infections are manifested in the form of barley, bacterial diseases of nails, inflamed nodules around the hair follicle, which occur in places where the follicle is irritated.Drug treatment - antibiotic pills.
  • Fungal infections manifest themselves in the form of small bubbles into the vagina, the corners of the mouth, fingers, nails in, in the folds of the skin.Treatment - antifungals.

How to prevent skin disease in diabetes?

To prevent skin diseases in diabetes, the most important in the early stages detect the problem, and not to neglect them.After discovering the problem necessarily need to visit the doctor to prescribe treatment, because if you do not treat skin diseases, they go into complex shapes.Listen to your doctor's recommendations:

  • Enter the correct way of life;
  • drink plenty of fluids;
  • follow the diet;
  • using moisturizers keep the skin moisture;
  • not drink alcoholic beverages;
  • monitor blood sugar levels;
  • wear soft and comfortable shoes.

Concluding, it should be noted that the cause of various skin lesions often become diabetes, treatment begins with receiving antidiabetic medications and monitoring blood sugar levels, as well as the correction of carbohydrate metabolism.