Do the goji berries in diabetes?

By Admin | Health Recipes
08 June 2016

Diabetes is a disease in which an increase amount of glucose in the blood.The disease is accompanied by a number of unpleasant symptoms.If time does not begin treatment, it can have serious complications.A patient with diabetes is recommended medication, proper diet and physical exercises.It is possible to get rid of diabetes, for example, via goji berries that are used extensively in China for treating diseases described?

Goji berries and diabetes

Goji berries have long attracted the attention of modern physicians, since this plant is successfully used in Eastern medicine, particularly in the treatment of diabetes.In order to understand how effectively will use these berries in diabetes should understand with their useful properties.

Eating goji berries helps to normalize blood pressure, change for the better metabolism and digestion, rid of part of the feeling of hunger and bring the excess fat cells from the liver.

Eating certain amount of goji berries, patients with diabetes can protect yourse

lf from retinopathy, which is one of the most serious consequences of this disease.The result is blindness due to increased levels of glucose and subsequent complete destruction of retinal cells.Goji berries contain taurine in its composition, which protects cells from the retina necrosis.

If every day to eat a small amount of fruit, you can achieve significant reduction in blood sugar levels.It should be noted that this plant should be applied only in cases of adult diabetics.

High amounts of betaine contained in these berries, helps to avoid the process of fatty liver, which is very important for patients.Furthermore, the berries contain a minimal amount of sugar, so eating them, you can not be afraid of what will be a few extra kilograms from which such a hard time to get rid of the disease.

Safety in the use of goji berries

Despite the fact that through the year goji can prevent unwanted effects from diabetes, you need to use them in view of safety measures.Pregnant and lactating women with diabetes should avoid eating these berries.The fact is that to date they have only partially been investigated and there is no information on the effect of goji berries on the body of expectant and nursing mothers.

Also, diabetics should be aware that the goji berries and drugs that help thin the blood interact as warfarin.That is why it is not necessary to assign them to itself without the prior consent of the attending physician.

In no case should not eat goji berries to those patients who suffer from allergic reactions caused by pollen.In all other cases, goji berries is allowed to use while diabetes, but it is necessary to comply with the measure.Otherwise disadvantages can outweigh their advantages.First time to eat no more than five grams of berries, and then carefully observe his body.