Garlic in diabetes

By Admin | Health Recipes
08 June 2016

If the diagnosis "diabetes" should take into account all to support the well-being in the normal state.Many foods (e.g., garlic) can help lower blood sugar levels.

Like garlic normalizes blood sugar levels?

Many people reduce blood levels of drugs through.But if the figures are not very different from the norm, it is possible to cope with food.For example, garlic helps normalize the hemoglobin in the blood.To do this, chop a few cloves, passed through the press.The resulting mush shift in cheesecloth and squeeze the juice.This folk medicine is recommended to be taken twice a day - morning and evening.This method not only normalize blood sugar levels, but also acts as a prophylactic.

garlic in diabetes: benefit or harm?

Garlic within reason - a very useful product.In its composition there are potent antibacterial components, capable of destroying pathogenic organisms.These tools protect the person from many diseases.Garlic restores the immune system, helps the production of antibodies.Garlic display

s the body of toxins, improves intestinal function.In diabetes it is very necessary.

Garlic reduces the risk of cholesterol in the blood and, therefore, in the use of the product reduces the risk of piquant development of atherosclerosis.To cholesterol was normal, garlic to eat constantly - at least one clove a day, because after the cessation of garlic cholesterol in a few months will begin to increase again in the blood, which is also important in diabetes.

This product is distinguished by its antioxidant properties.Its presence in the body reduces the probability of cancer cells.Currently available drugs, even in the composition where there is garlic.These drugs are aimed at combating cancer.

Garlic improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system.It is very important for patients with diabetes because it is important for the patient, so that the blood came in the full amount to all the organs within the body.Garlic thins the blood, normalizes blood pressure.Eating garlic daily, reduces the risk of blood clots.Garlic - a valuable product at a diabetes against stroke, heart attack and other diseases.

This vegetable crop improves the functioning of the brain, and thus helps to think.

In diabetes, you can use no more than 1 clove per day.Since this product increases the appetite, it is better to eat at night.And the smell that comes after it is not the most pleasant.If you eat garlic afternoon, no one means for mouth odor can deliver.

Doctors say that it is enough 1-2 cloves per day, otherwise all good, and vice versa will turn harm the body, for example, cause gastritis or worse - an ulcer.A large amount of garlic can cause anemia.