Can I drink coffee in diabetes?

By Admin | Health Recipes
07 June 2016

doctors have long debated about whether you can drink coffee in diabetes.There are two points of view on this issue.Some doctors believe that drinking this beverage provokes rise in blood sugar.But others argue that the substances contained in coffee, enhance absorption of insulin.So the question, "to drink or do not drink coffee," should be resolved only individually.In addition, there are many diabetics related diseases, such as disorders of the heart or blood vessels, in which the use of coffee is contraindicated.

substances that make up the coffee

  1. Caffeine is harmful by increasing the pressure and can cause heart palpitations.In addition, it is believed that it may be the cause of increase in blood sugar.Diabetics better to drink coffee without caffeine.
  2. coffee found in the presence of fatty acids.For example, hlorgenovaya acid stimulates nitrogen metabolism and the production of proteins, and linolenic acid prevents the emergence of a stroke.
  3. Scientists have found a part of coffee about 300
    antioxidants that rejuvenating effect on the body and prevent the development of cancer.

Properties coffee

By drinking a beverage from the coffee beans raises adrenaline levels and improving performance.Coffee has a rejuvenating effect and slows down the inflammatory processes in the body.Caffeine increases the blood sugar level, but other substances contained in coffee, help the body to interact with insulin.Therefore, some scholars believe that drinking this beverage in moderation helps to prevent diabetes in people who are prone to it.

Green Coffee

This drink for residents of Russia unusual and not very common.But it is believed that patients with diabetes it is even useful.It lacks all harmful substances which are formed during the roasting of coffee beans.And the content of useful hlorgenovoy and linoleic acids is much higher.Therefore, the green coffee helps to break down fats, which prevents the formation of excess body weight.In addition, it enhances the body's sensitivity to insulin, and it helps the patient to control blood sugar levels.

How to drink coffee with diabetes?

  1. is best to choose a drink decaf to avoid adverse effects on the heart and blood vessels.
  2. necessary to renounce the use of coffee from coffee machines, where a lot of unnecessary additives.Especially harmful for diabetics composite drinks latte, cappuccino and more.
  3. should also refuse to add to coffee cream.For those who like to drink whitening, can be recommended for this use low-fat sour cream.
  4. Diabetics need to drink coffee without sugar, using a sweetener.
  5. should know that instant coffee - absolutely useless product.It does not contain any nutrients that are in the natural grain, but there are a lot of flavors, fats and other additives.

diabetics are not necessarily completely abandon the drink.A moderate its use can bring them even benefit.