Treatment of warts celandine

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07 June 2016

warts on the skin gives a person a lot of inconvenience and not just because it is not the best way affects the appearance.Since warts most often appear on the hands, face and scalp areas of the head, they can easily injure or bring an infection.Of course, to endure the warts on the body is not necessary, but before you take steps to get rid of them, you need to understand their nature.

With what warts?

Warts are growths on the skin of humans and often look like small nodules or papillae.

overgrowth of skin may be due to the action of human papillomavirus, or irreversible processes of natural aging.

Types of warts, the occurrence of which is associated with the virus - the common, plantar, flat and genital warts.

emergence of senile warts is not associated with infection, and does not require treatment.

Traditional and not a means of getting rid of warts

Modern medicine can offer the patient an impressive list of methods to get rid of warts.This can be medicated methods (application of ointment

s, gels, serums) or surgical (destruction of warts by freezing, electrocautery, laser or current).

However, non-traditional ways of getting rid just do not know borders.

Depending on the methods of influence can define multiple areas of treatment.


number of experts in this field really believe that cure is possible only if the immune system to cope with the virus on their own.

Application magical practices

Adherents of this kind of treatment believe that the warts - is the result of damage or the evil eye, and you can get rid of them with the help of certain rituals and conspiracies.

The use of medicinal plants, decoctions or infusions are

This is probably the most common way to treat warts, which uses medicinal plants such as celandine, wormwood, dandelion, garlic and others.

is worth noting that the most famous plant for the treatment of skin diseases is celandine.Its use is indicated in the II century BC, and in the XVI century, the plant started to grow already targeted.

secret that celandine contains special substances that inhibit the replication of the virus, eliminating the associated inflammatory processes, as well as contributing to the restoration of the skin.

Recipes with celandine

Herbalists believe that the best remedy for warts is the juice of the plant.You can use it fresh or harvested for future use.Fresh juice stands out on the spot and cut any special manipulation for its preparation is required.

harvested for future use fresh plant is ground in a meat grinder and the resulting liquid is kept in sealed containers, in a cool place for about 10 days, periodically opening the lid to release the accumulated gases.

thereby obtaining juice may be useful for the preparation of an ointment, simply mixed with vaseline in the proportion of 1 to 4. Treatment

juice or ointment consists in treating the damaged area 2-3 times a day and the treatment lasts on average 10-14 days.

good results and the use of a decoction of dried herb.To prepare the broth raw pour boiling water and infuse for at least 6 hours.Damaged skin can be cleaned or apply compresses better overnight.

can try and preparations on the basis of celandine, which are sold in any drugstore.