The rash on the ankle

By Admin | Health Recipes
07 June 2016

problems of skin diseases worried every second.Few people know what signal feeds the body rash of pimples on a particular area of ​​the body.Quite often people have a question about the meaning of a rash on the ankle, which causes and how to get rid of an unpleasant illness.

Types rash ankle

important to know that any kind of skin reaction entail negative emotions, possible diseases and other undesirable consequences for the person if left unattended.That is why, first of all, it is necessary to properly diagnose the supposed disease by examining the nature of the rash.Qualified specialists in the field of medicine determined the following manifestations of disease on the foot:

  1. blisters.This type of rash accompanied by itching.They are generally tested in a few hours or days;
  2. tiny red pimples that seemingly invisible, but can quickly spread throughout the body after some time;
  3. spot pinkish or brown shade - an alarming sign because the signals of complex diseases of the skin;
  4. pustular reactions - appear in the form of pimples filled with pus content origin.Depending on the nature of origin, they are deep, superficial, follicular and nefollikulyarnye;
  5. small ulcers, the occurrence of which is associated with blood circulation in the blood vessels.

Causes rash on the ankle foot

After become noticeable slightest suspicious skin reactions as rash, is recommended as soon as possible to find out the factors that have caused disturbances in the body.The main causes of the rash on his legs ankle:

  1. allergy.In this case it is important to eliminate skin contact with the allergen to avoid repeated irritation.Allergic rashes may occur due to the friction material of poor quality items of clothing (socks, tights, pants), shoes of the skin.
  2. Varicose veins - a disease that affects many women.Long-term high heels, platform, hereditary weakness of the walls of the blood vessels increase the risk of disease and related skin reactions.
  3. Affliction hands, feet, legs or common fungus - the most common cause of rash at the site of the body.It may spread to the ankle, it is recommended to carefully monitor the objects and places of personal hygiene.
  4. Entering the body of infections that are sexually transmitted infections (syphilis).
  5. insect bites.
  6. other infectious diseases.Rash ankle foot is due to human disease chickenpox, measles or scarlet fever.

Treatment and prevention

As you know, every disease is caused by a number of interrelated reasons, which lead to negative reactions of the skin.Finding a rash on the ankle, it is not recommended to self-medicate, as otherwise possible deterioration of the body part.It is best to turn to highly skilled dermatologist, who will determine the nature and cause of the cutaneous manifestations.It should be noted that it is not the best option search for the causes of the rash on his legs ankle - the Internet.To reveal the true nature of the origin of rashes in the form of spots or stains can only visualize and after further research in the laboratory.

In order to reduce the risk of disease, you need to carefully monitor their health, to protect from the effects of negative factors, time to seek medical help and follow the instructions of the attending doctor.