Blackened fingernail on his foot, what to do?

By Admin | Health Recipes
07 June 2016

Everyone wants his nails looked impeccable, but unfortunately, one can encounter such unpleasant phenomenon of blackened nail on the leg.This problem can not be solved without understanding its essence.

Causes blackening toenail

noticed that the nail on the leg turned black to remember is that, if he were not injured, since the injury is the most common cause of the described problem.Bruising "earn" easy enough.This can happen at the drop of a leg, and hence to nail a heavy object.If you stepped on the foot or you reviled tight shoes, you can also talk about the injury.

due to injury blood poured under the nail plate and form a hematoma.In that case it has a small size, it is possible to expect a rapid resorption.If the hematoma is extensive enough, the nail turns black and then there is its rejection.

blackening nail lead not only injury of this nature, but the fungal infection of the nail plate.This cause of your problem is easy to recognize, because after the nail on the foot will turn black, s

tarts to break down its structure.The deformation of the nail will be on the eyes, so I can understand what led to the change of its color.

leave this issue without attention, regardless of the cause is not worth it.It is necessary as soon as possible consult an experienced doctor.When injury is to be a surgeon, with a fungus - a dermatologist who will prescribe the necessary treatment.

How to solve the problem?

If the nail turned black because of the fact that you are wearing too tight shoes, it would be wise to change it to a more free.Nails stop touching the front wall of the shoe, and therefore, will not occur, even the most minor hemorrhages.

Particular attention should be paid to the problem of blackened toenail in the event that there was a strong bruise.From your reaction speed in this case will depend very much.Thus, immediately after a nail has been injured, it must be placed a few minutes in a tank filled with ice.If this is not possible, then a damaged finger should be put under a stream of ice water.The procedure should be repeated as long as the pain does not subside.Cold in this case will help sucked hematoma.

next step should be to disinfect the nail in order to prevent the penetration of infection under his plate.The fact is that it can lead to subsequent suppuration.Treating bruised fingernail recommended iodine.Hemorrhage may carry extensive nature and to prevent peeling nail blood required to release it from the plate.This procedure can be done independently, but it is better to entrust its implementation an experienced surgeon.

If the nail turned black because of the fungus, the problem can only be solved by a specialist medical treatment.But at the same time you should be aware of how important it is to observe hygiene feet, shoes should be worn while in the shower, sauna or swimming pool.