Herbal medicine for patients with diabetes

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07 June 2016

Diabetes diabetes - a disease whose cause lies in the lack of insulin, characterized by a common metabolic disorder and requires special treatment.In addition to receiving medications and diet in the treatment of diseases using herbal medicine.

role of herbal medicine in the treatment of diabetes

Treatment gifts of nature in diabetes can be quite effective.However, starting to such treatment, it is necessary to consult an endocrinologist, as the different stages of the disease require different therapies.Also be sure to take into account the general condition of the patient, presence of comorbidities, the portability of medical components and more.Use herbal remedies for the treatment of diabetes can be quite a long period, the body gets used to them.However, after 20 days of treatment should take a break.Treatment should begin with the use of small doses.

The use of medicinal plants in the treatment of diabetes

Ready pharmacy charges

The pharmacy chain has finished dosage charges for the tre

atment of diabetes.For example:

  • Arfazetin.Composed sprigs of blueberries, bean leaf, rose hips, St. John's wort, chamomile, horsetail, and more.It is recommended in type 2 diabetes, which allows to reduce the number of daily intake of antidiabetic agents.It has hypoglycemic action.Available in the form of grass and in filter bags.
  • Phyto number 16 saharoponizhayuschy.Keys Health.As part contains the fruit of dogwood and black chokeberry, galega grass, leaf stevia herb St. John's wort, bean leaf, rose hips, nettle leaf, herb horsetail, dandelion root.The components of tea contained chromium and zinc, which increase insulin production by the body, while reducing pressure, improve microcirculation, as well as sight.Tea is recommended as a dietary food supplements for diabetes.Available in the form of filter bags.
  • Alfit 10.Drink tea for the prevention of diabetes.The structure consists of collecting blueberry leaf, Rhodiola rosea, galega, Chaga, nettle, licorice, motherwort.Plants contribute to the development of the body's own insulin have a hypoglycemic effect, help restore metabolic processes.The set has 2 packs collection - morning and evening.

vegetative composition in diabetes self-made

  • Lingonberry leaves.We take raw materials in the 1 st.l.cranberries 1 cup of water to boiling.Advocate for 0.5 hours.Before receiving an infusion filter.The norm for the reception - 3 times in 1 tbsp.l.
  • oat grains.Proportion - 100 g of raw material to the 3 cups of water, hold 5 minutes in a boiling, let stand 30 minutes.On 1 reception 0.5 cups means (drink before meals).
  • Proportion - 2 h. L.blackberry leaves to 200 ml water in boiling stage.0.5 hours to settle.Reception - 3 times a third cup.
  • For such herbal need to measure 1 (Art. L.) Dandelion leaves, teaspoon of blackberry leaves, 1 teaspoon peppermint tea plants, as well as black currant leaves (teaspoon).200 ml of boiling water to take 1 tbsp.l.prepared herbal raw materials, stand 5 minutes in a boiling state, insist hour.Drink 3 times strained as before eating.At the reception 1 - 2 tbsp.l.