Sore left side during inspiration

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07 June 2016

Any pain indicates the presence of certain problems in the body, and therefore it in no case should not be ignored in the hope that everything goes by itself.For example, the pain in his left side during inspiration, which occurs periodically, or is permanent, can point to a number of very serious and even life-threatening diseases.Let us more detail on the possible causes of such pain.

Pathology diaphragm

As a rule, diseases associated with the diaphragm (most often, this diaphragmatic hernia, in which part of the stomach contents into the esophagus), pain are ongoing.Nagging dull pain, localized in the left upper quadrant, often accompanied by nausea and heartburn.If pain significantly worse during inspiration, it can cause the development of subphrenic abscess, in which the pain is often given over to the left shoulder and supraclavicular area.

Intercostal neuralgia

The cause of this disease is a compression of the intercostal nerves or irritation.People with this disease people celebrate pier

cing pain under the ribs and the chest.This pain, radiates into the left upper quadrant, become more pronounced when coughing, sneezing, and a deep breath.

Acute appendicitis

characteristic features of this disease are pain in the left side, namely the umbilical part, cramps, bloating, and distention of the abdomen.Helps to achieve palliation bowel, however, after a short time, often there is an exacerbation of pain that occurs particularly when a deep breath or severe coughing.

Heart disease

often pain in the left upper quadrant during inspiration is a symptom of heart disease - cardiomyopathy or coronary heart disease, for example.Pain can arise both by a load and at rest.Characteristic symptoms of these diseases are also a burning sensation and heaviness in the chest, tachycardia.

osteochondrosis This disease does not pose a serious danger to life, but, nevertheless, is very unpleasant.Its characteristic feature is a loss of connective tissue that forms the basis of the intervertebral discs.With the development of degenerative disc disease occurs squeezing nerve emerging from the spinal canal, which acts as an inevitable consequence of radiculopathy.In cases where the pathological process takes place in the breast, the sensation of pain, particularly aggravated by inhalation often radiates to the left upper quadrant.

also cause pain in the left side can be the disease of the stomach (gastritis, ulcers), kidney (pyelonephritis), pancreas, spleen.Also, it can be a pathology of the endocrine, or nervous systems, a number of gynecological diseases, diseases of male genitalia.

When the pain it is important to immediately seek professional medical help for an accurate diagnosis and passing the required treatment.