How to improve circulation in the legs?

By Admin | Health Recipes
07 June 2016

blood circulation in the legs due to the schedule of life may deteriorate.This may be sudden cramps in the legs.Also, there may be numbness and venous mesh.It happens that the feet are cold even in warm weather.This feature also can indicate poor circulation.

To your feet always feel fine, it is recommended to perform simple tips.

alternation of rest and exercise

  • For good blood circulation in the legs is necessary to fulfill the conditions of physical activity and recreation.Stand still bad as well as the long rest.If the work has to sit for a long time, maintains no more than two hours, then requires walking a five minute walk.You can put your feet up on a stool to nearby.In this position you can sit for fifteen minutes.
  • also try to deal with the habit of crossing the legs.It is in any case does not improve the condition of blood vessels.
  • Try to develop the habit of walking.Eliminate the use of the elevator, go up to the floor on foot.And after a few stops on foot.
  • Exclude items from the perma
    nent high heels.Ideally, the heel should be no more than seven centimeters.

Healthy Eating

  • very useful for vascular tone teas with ginger and birch bark.Try to drink a cup of this tea at least once a day.
  • Very good improves blood circulation in the legs extract of Ginkgo biloba tree.It can be taken as a biological food additives.
  • may also be included in the daily diet of hot peppers.Pepper improves venous circulation.
  • is important to reduce the amount of salt.If there is a problem with blood circulation, salt adversely affects the condition of the vessels.Fight with the habit to add some salt dish.
  • Watch your weight.Legs will feel constant load at overweight.
  • cause of poor circulation could be cholesterol deposits, because reduce the use of animal fats to a minimum.Thick blood is moving slowly through the vessels, and blood circulation becomes slow.

Medical Assistance

Consultation with a specialist is needed if the bad habits and excluded people to eat right and maintain a healthy lifestyle, but there is no result.Sometimes there are diseases that must be treated with medication.

What can you do yourself?

is useful to self-massage of the feet and calf muscles in the evening, preferably at bedtime.The procedure should be carried out regularly.

very effective method is the alcohol compress on foot.Evening wear soak in alcohol and put on their feet.Just can not go to bed, you need to wait for drying compress.So you can come and when a person feels shivering from hypothermia.

Pharmacies can buy magnetic insoles.Use them very easy.The socks should be put on the night of the insole.In the morning a feeling of lightness in the legs guaranteed.Only need to be used regularly.Magnetic insoles to improve the condition of blood vessels.