Consequences of pneumonia in adults

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07 June 2016

Pneumonia is considered to be very dangerous, as well as one of the most common diseases characterized by acute respiratory symptoms.During his extremely difficult without competent approach to treatment by a physician is necessary.Failure to comply with these recommendations threatens the emergence of serious negative consequences, which may be unpredictable until death.

The severity of pneumonia depends on the age of an adult patient, from its initial health indicators, as well as on the area of ​​the affected lung tissue.

In the case of small lesions of the lung tissue disease can be cured, usually within 1-1.5 months.Of course, a successful recovery will come only under bed rest and taking into account all the requirements of a specialist.

And as extensive bilateral pneumonia, in this case the need for mandatory hospitalization of an adult patient to the clock, he was under constant medical supervision.

Possible complications

If we neglect the above recommendations, it can cause pneumonia com

plications of varying severity, namely:

  • occurrence of such inflammatory diseases such as pleurisy.This is an acute inflammation in the pleural sheets.The resulting fibrin deposits covered pleura, then on its surface are formed multiple adhesions.In addition, the pleural cavity is filled with inflammatory fluid, which may be serous, purulent and hemorrhagic;
  • pulmonary edema.Such a complication characterized by the substantial increase of the liquid that accumulates outside the pulmonary blood vessels.It noted a significant increase in pressure in the capillaries and veins of the lungs.Usually, pulmonary edema after its development is chronic.However, there are situations when it passed in the acute stage, which led to the death of patients;
  • lung abscess.It characterized by nonspecific inflammation of the lung tissue that begins to melt, which leads to the formation of necrotic cavities filled with purulent fluid.As a rule, these cavities are surrounded by an inflammatory infiltrate.It may occur in acute and chronic;
  • dyspnea.This substantial disruption of respiratory functions - the depth and frequency of breathing.Most often in the adult patient has the feeling of lack of oxygen.Initially discomfort manifests itself during the occupation of physical activity, and later - even at rest.It is worth noting that dyspnea is a troubling symptom of acute respiratory and heart failure;
  • meningitis.It is characterized by acute inflammation of hard and soft membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord.In the form of severe complications can occur in adult patients who have had pneumococcal form of pneumonia;
  • multiple organ failure.This phenomenon is a severe stress reaction of the body to the deep destruction of two or more vital organs or systems.A distinctive feature of multiple organ failure is an irreversible process extremely deep lesions, after which doctors have to admit the impossibility of functioning of the affected organ or system.

Today, there are many modern treatments for pneumonia.Timely treatment of a qualified medical help ensure successful treatment of the disease, and that is important, to avoid complications of varying severity.