Chicory in diabetes

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07 June 2016

Common chicory (Cichoriiradix) - the plant is widely spread.Its curative effect on lowering and blood sugar regulation is largely due to the presence of inulin, which in its structure is a complex polysaccharide, has beneficial effects on the activity of many body functions.

chicory in the treatment of diabetes

systematic use of chicory has a beneficial effect not only on reducing sugar.Expanding vessels, chicory improves heart.In the morning improves mood and gives strength and courage, and promotes sound sleep at night.

chicory in the treatment of diabetes treatment is applied in the form of decoctions, infusions, drinks.

  • To prepare the drink 2 tablespoons tablespoons herb chicory in a powdered form is poured boiling water in an amount of half a liter.An hour later, drink filtered.It takes a day 2-3 times.
  • to drink during the day 2 tablespoons tablespoons herb pour cool water (one cup).Bring to a boil and boil for about ten minutes.Drink when thirsty as tea.
  • will help strengthen the impact of
    a mixture of herbs chicory and shepherd's purse, Juniper and rose hips (three tablespoons tablespoons) with the addition of two tablespoons of mint and one spoon of Potentilla goose.Daily mixture in an amount of two spoons with top dining poured boiling water (300 ml).Infused about three hours in a thermos.Accepted strained infusion in between the meal during the day.
  • desire to drink coffee in the morning can be implemented using the following healthful drink.Spoon of instant chicory poured into one liter of boiling water, honey or milk added to taste.Spoon one-fourth of chicory powder is dissolved in a glass of hot boiled milk, add honey (two tablespoons).
  • Broth is no less effective.Shredded chicory root (one tea spoon), filled a glass of boiling water, boil on low heat for ten minutes.Cooled and filtered.Drink three reception.
  • improve the tone, strengthen immunity following collection: the roots of chicory and burdock, flaxseed (two tablespoons tablespoons of each ingredient), leaves of bilberry leaf and beans (seven spoons).Daily two spoon the mixture is poured cool water (0.5 L) and insist about half a day.This solution was then about 15 minutes is necessary to heat the water bath and leave to infuse an additional one hour.It takes three or four times before a meal one glass.

Contraindications to receive chicory

as taking any means to influence on the human body, the use of preventive consulting chicory requires professional assistance.Its impact may affect the presence of some diseases of the stomach and intestines, pancreas, heart and blood vessels.There are contraindications to accept people with nervous and mental disorders.Prohibited reception in the event of allergic reactions.

kinds of medical forms

chicory Chicory can be used in various forms.

  • herb chicory.It is going in a period of intense flowering in July.The collected materials immediately laid out or hung to dry.
  • chicory root.He was going late in the fall, carefully washed from the ground.The roots are cut into two or more parts along and dried in a well-ventilated area.
  • chicory powder.It is ready for brewing raw materials are usually sold in pharmacies in the bags for single use.
  • Soluble chicory.This completely finished feed, which can be purchased as pharmacies and in stores.