Carrots with pancreatitis

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07 June 2016

called pancreatitis inflammation of the pancreas, which is responsible for the normal flow of digestive processes in the human body.Its enzymes cleave fats, proteins and carbohydrates in the intestine, and hormones maintain the desired level of glucose in human blood.In the early stages of the disease the main symptom is severe pain in the abdomen.In addition, there are vomiting, fever, disturbance of the chair and unpleasant sensations in the stomach.Pancreatitis usually always appear suddenly, but common reasons for its occurrence are liver problems, frequent consumption of fatty foods, the wrong food poisoning, infection and alcohol.

People with this disease must comply with certain diet during acute pancreatitis.Most often, a special diet, which is based on a complete rejection of certain types of products.Also, in parallel with the diet taken prescription pills.

Eating carrots in chronic and acute pancreatitis

If a special diet is a very important role is played by vegetables, both raw and boi

led.Carrots on their list is one of the leading places.And no wonder, because it contains a lot of biochemically active substances to maintain the normal flow of the main physiological processes in the human body.However, it should be remembered that the carrot is better to start taking just a week after the start of a strict diet.

in the raw vegetables are not recommended for use, since the pancreas is going to be very rough food that can harm it.150 grams of cooked carrots will be enough for one meal.Despite the fact that after the heat treatment of the vitamins are destroyed boiled roots store a useful enough for the body.Do not use in the preparation of any additional fat.Their presence in the diet contributes to the aggravation of existing pancreatitis.Therefore, people who suffer from inflammation of the pancreas, it is necessary to abandon the addition of mayonnaise and vegetable oil in a dish with carrots.

carrot puree

From these root vegetables you can cook simple and useful vegetable puree.Available carrots thoroughly washed with water and brush.Then diced small and placed in a pan.Pour water so that the blocks were covered and set on fire.After boiling the water you need to cook for about 30 minutes.Cooked boiled carrots, while it is still warm, pulverized in a blender to produce a homogeneous puree.

This dish is prepared as in chronic and in acute pancreatitis.


can use carrots with other vegetables, cook a tasty stew.For this dish you will need 5 pieces of raw potato, pumpkin (by volume as potatoes), 1 onion, 1 carrot, dill or parsley, 2 tablespoons.tablespoons vegetable oil.Potatoes and pumpkin cut into small cubes and onions and carrots need to shred.Then in the pan should put all the vegetables in such a way, first laid out the onion, then - potatoes, carrots and pumpkin turns.Next you need to add salt, cover with water so as to fill half the volume and put on low heat.Before you begin to boil the ingredients, add the vegetable oil, fresh herbs and bring to a boil.After that, turn off the fire, and the finished dish while pushing.

juice of carrots and potatoes

as a remedy for a diet using fresh juice of these two vegetables.To prepare taken 1-2 carrots 2-3 potatoes.They are washed and passed through a juicer.For half an hour before a meal should drink 200 grams get fresh juice.