Folk remedies for boils

By Admin | Health Recipes
07 June 2016

Furuncle a purulent inflammatory disease caused by in most cases is Staphylococcus aureus.Boils appear as red nodules on the skin, which after a few days increase significantly in size and delivered a strong pain.

treatment of severe abrasions have to be carried out under the supervision of a physician.If the disease is easy enough character, to get rid of pustules on the body can be myself, and help in the effective folk remedies.Consider the most popular ones.

Treatment test

necessary egg yolk (1 pc.) Combine and mix with melted butter (1 ch. L.), Add the flour (2 ch. L.).Thus, we get the most usual dough.Next, the dough must be applied to the affected area and secure it with a conventional dressing.The dressing should be changed three times a day.Keep the dough should be refrigerated.Treatment test will help in the short term (a few days) to get rid of painful purulent nodules on the skin.

Home ointment for boils

To prepare such an ointment should be poured vegetable refined oil (0.5 liters)

in an enamel pan, put on fire, after boiling add the fir sulfur (20 g) and beeswax (100 g).After 30 minutes, place the total mass of neatly cut lower portion bulbs (10 pcs.).Appears in the process of cooking the usual foam must be removed with a spoon.

Cook means for one hour, then remove from heat, allow to cool, and then strain through a folded in 3-4 layers of cheesecloth, while pouring on the banks.Soon, the ointment should be cool.It will have a yellowish color and has a pleasant smell.Obtaining funds 3-4 times a day to lubricate the affected skin.

Treatment garlic compresses

Effective treatment of boils should immediately after the discovery of purulent rashes on the body applied to the affected area garlic compresses.Here's how to do it right.

must first using cologne or alcohol, degrease or clean the surface of the skin lesion.In the presence of hair you want to remove it.Sam prepares to wrap the garlic is very simple: you must take a clove of garlic and cut it as thin as possible, and the most thin slice applied to boils and secure it with a bandage.

If the boil has already begun to mature, it is necessary to prepare the plate instead of the garlic pulp, which skip peeled garlic clove through spadefoot or rub it on a grater.The resulting slurry must be applied to the affected area and secure the patch.


soap Soap (100 g) was rubbed through a grater, add water (350 g), put on the stove and boil down a few times.After the mass has cooled, it should be placed in a cloth, which attach to the purulent eruptions, and on top of it to impose a sterile bandage.

Simple remedies available to each person on their own to help get rid of a disease like abrasions.