Treatment boil ointment Vishnevsky

By Admin | Health Recipes
07 June 2016

Furunculosis is a common skin disease characterized by the presence of skin disease, and festering rashes very dangerous - boils.Traditional and folk medicine offers many treatments for this unpleasant disease.One of the most effective drugs to combat boils rightly considered Vishnevsky ointment.The effectiveness of this tool is supported by numerous positive reviews from people tried its action by example.

Components of the drug

main active components of the ointment Vishnevsky act tar, castor oil and xeroform, has a beneficial effect on the affected skin furuncle and help eliminate the source of inflammation.Thus, tar affects the nerves and promotes the restoration of blood supply to the affected area.Xeroform dries perfectly wound, and castor oil softens the skin and makes it possible ointment ingredients penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.

Despite the fact that in modern times developed and more powerful drugs, including antibiotics and their use for the treatment of boils is undesira

ble due to the fact that they can have severe side effects.Treatment Vishnevsky ointment is the most gentle and safe for health.

Method of use

At the first signs of maturing boil should immediately apply to the affected area for 10-12 hours bandage, abundantly soaked with ointment Vishnevsky.Then, after the allotted period of time is required to remove the bandage, gently wipe cream and wipe dry the wound.After the boil should be disinfected by treating it with alcohol, and then once more to impose a bandage soaked in the ointment.Duration of wearing bandages must not exceed 12 hours.

After opening the boil for an effective treatment is required to make a bandage impregnated with antibacterial ointments.Once the allocated amount of pus will be negligible, should re-apply compresses with ointment Vishnevsky, but now they need to be changed every 5-6 hours.This alternation of local antibacterial drugs and ointments Vishnevsky is possible to achieve the most effective results in a short time and thereby achieve full recovery.

treatment of boils is a fairly long and laborious process that requires strict observance of sanitary and hygienic norms.It is important to know what to squeeze a ripe abscess yourself in any case it is impossible, as this can cause infection of the blood, which in turn can result in even fatal.To avoid this unpleasant treatment of complications of the disease should be carried out solely under the supervision of a specialist - a dermatologist.