Mulberry Jam: useful properties

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07 June 2016

Mulberry mulberry styled the common people.This plant is found in the southern regions of our country and in the North Caucasus.

In Ukraine, widespread mulberry jam, in the European countries of mulberry juice bake the most delicious bread.In the Caucasus, made from mulberries pitas and make wine, vodka.In the Caucasus, squeezed juice called doshab.The freshly squeezed drink are all properties.Mulberry-cake can be dried and used as sugar.

Useful properties of mulberry

This berry contains vitamins A, B, C, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium and many other vitamins.Mulberries boosts the immune system, protecting the body from disease.Mulberry has a pleasant taste, it can be applied to people on a diet.Calories in mulberry minor - slightly more than 50 kilocalories per hundred grams.


mulberry mulberries has another side - it can be both useful and harm.Overeating is not worth it, mulberry poorly absorbed with other foods.When overeating berries may form allergies.

cooking jam of mulberries

to make jams from Mulberry is better to choose a dark cherry or white berries, they are sweet, but other varieties - such as pink and red are not as sweet, although one also can be cooked jam.First we need to collect the ripe mulberry berries.For this we need a large mat (to the fallen fruit falls to the ground).Spread it under mulberry tree, you need to shake it to ripe berries crumble.

The next thing we do - it's going to harvest.Then the berries are washed out and remove the excess (this is mashed and green stalk) to our jam looked good.And the pressure of the berries you can eat, so as not to throw in the trash, or vitamins cook compote.After washing mulberry need to give it to dry.While our dry berry, we will prepare dishes, which will jam.To do this, you can take a pan or basin, or other suitable utensils for cooking jam.Yet we need sterilized jars, where we will pour the jam.

Recipe for

  1. and slightly washed the dried mulberry fall asleep with sugar in layers in the pot, give it brew for eight or nine hours a day.Berries give juice.
  2. After that, put the workpiece at a slow fire, carefully stirring, bring to a complete melting of the sugar.Give jam brew for about 30 minutes.
  3. in a jam, you can add lemon juice or citric acid, then put back on the heat and bring to a boil.
  4. now take our cans, which we prepared earlier, and fill them with our jam, then roll up and turn them to cool.

Medicinal properties of berries

Mulberry is known for its medicinal properties.In ancient China, the leaves and roots of this plant are used to prepare a drug that saves people from diabetes.Mulberry helps in the treatment of diseases such as hypothyroidism kidney, heart failure, metabolic disorders.

mulberry leaves perfectly removes heat.Sealed and insist they are easily removed temperature.It is also the root of this plant is used to treat cough, asthma.List all the magical properties of this plant is not possible.

Recipes using mulberry

for "male power" you need to take one kilogram of mulberry (white only), grind the entire amount of berries with honey.Honey should be 250 grams All mix thoroughly and place in refrigerator.Eat a teaspoon twice a day.An indispensable tool for men after 40 years.