Boil broke through, what to do?

By Admin | Health Recipes
07 June 2016

Furunculosis rightly be attributed not only to the very heavy, but also intractable diseases.Who at least once met with appearances boils, well aware of how difficult it is to treat them, and how much they bring pain and not worth talking about!

Boils in any case it is not necessary to pierce yourself.For the normal course of the disease it should happen naturally.Therefore, when a boil broke and came the next period of the disease, you need to be especially careful that the resulting wound does not carry infection or dirt.

What to do after a burst boil?

  1. Home timely process suddenly formed on the body of a dimple.It is important to prevent infection.If the delay time and does not perform disinfection, it will begin to develop abrasions.And then instead of a boil on the body there a whole lot of pustules.
  2. following polnedeli must be applied to the wound ichthyol compress.For this purpose ichthyol ointment that is applied to the affected area 1-2 times during the day, and wrapped with cellophane and
    on top of a clean cloth or bandage.After the specified time the wound will begin to just "in front of" to heal.But it is given that everything was done correctly!Ichthyol ointment is quite possible to replace Vishnevsky ointment or balm Shostakovskiy if they are in stock.

important to remember that the antimicrobial agent is desirable to apply not only to himself lesion (ulcer), and around it in a radius of 3 cm. If the treatment was carried out insufficiently correctly, the wound is a long time to heal, on the contrary, can go inflammation.Pain will not stop and will gradually become stronger.Proper treatment not just helps to heal wounds after the ulcer will not remain the slightest scar.

How to speed up the ripening process boils?

under a doctor's care and listening to its recommendations should start antibiotics.Their effects on the body greatly reduces the process of maturation of boils.

During the period of the disease is necessary to protect your body and safeguard it from hypothermia, even stronger prostyvany and various ailments.It is also not necessary to subject the body to strong overheating.

constantly need to apply ointments and solutions, which have antimicrobial properties.You also need to apply warm compresses for alcohol inflamed areas.

not necessary in such cases to forget about traditional medicine.Maturation boils reduced, if they apply infusions of nettles, marshmallow, or arnica.You can apply directly to the pustules juice Kalanchoe, aloe or yarrow.The heating can be performed boil dry heat, which can be obtained from the use of heated salt, wrapped in a towel or a heating pad on.

important to any action carried out under the strict supervision of a specialist.In some cases, the disease can be complicated, and thus you will only make yourself worse.