Lung abscess: Causes and Symptoms

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07 June 2016

Under lung abscess refers to inflammation in the lung tissue, which results in the formation of single or multiple necrotic areas.Basically lung abscess occurs after the removal of oral secretion in patients with gingivitis or other diseases of the oral cavity, are unconscious or whose mind is not a result of drunkenness, drug addiction or receiving other narcotic drugs.

At risk are elderly patients who can not cope with the removal of secretions from the mouth.

The disease considered anaerobic bacteria and streptococci.During the penetration of germs into the body begins the formation of the disease, leading later to necrosis of lung tissue and the development of an abscess.Often abscess exposed bronchi, usually contained in at cough the bronchi mucus output while still groove that is filled with air and liquid.Less exposed lung abscess.

Causes lung abscess

The cause of the abscess are considered to be different kinds of microorganisms fuzobakterii, anaerobic and aerobic bacteria, Staphylococcus,

Streptococcus, Pseudomonas and Haemophilus influenzae, and pneumococci, and fungi.Basically germs into the lungs through the airway during extraction from the oral cavity or nasal gastric contents.

Moreover, in practice there is a loss of lung abscess through infection of other organs and tissues of the body, still it can fall as a result of injury or damage to the thorax.Contact infection in the lungs through the blood and lymph vessels is unlikely, and if they fall, it is very rare.

usually infectious agents get into the lung tissue, causing subsequent lung abscess as a result of alcohol or drug overdose, nervous system disorders, frequent persistent vomiting, pneumonia or lung cancer, diabetes and asthma, with operations in the esophagus or stomach.After getting an infection in the lung tissue performed its seal then becomes inflamed, resulting in the destruction of infected tissue begins and the formation of purulent areas.

symptoms of lung abscess

lung abscess often exposed to men aged 20 to 50 years.In most cases, the right lung is affected, which is larger than the size of the left.Abscesses exposed the whole area of ​​the lung, but often the disease affects the upper part of the lung.Symptoms of an abscess is defined as its formation, because as far as its development is done proliferation of purulent secretions and lung tissue decay, there is no communication with the bronchi.

symptoms of lung abscess have similarities with pneumonia.Observed:

  • high temperature;
  • bad cough;
  • shortness of breath (especially at the site of the abscess);
  • during inspiration there pain (especially in the affected area of ​​the lung);
  • easing bronchial and percussion sounds;
  • observed at X-ray image darkened area and volume of various quantities.

healing process slower lung abscess.Cavity little drained of pus, seal goes bad, the process of tissue regeneration is slowed down.In advanced cases of lung abscess it flows into the acute stage, and then a chronic abscess.This requires a completely different treatment and have more pronounced symptoms.