Sauerkraut with gastric ulcer

By Admin | Health Recipes
07 June 2016

If you have stomach ulcers is difficult to determine the power.For each person, especially in this case it has to be individualized.For a long time medicine has become interested in the question of whether it is possible for gastric eat sauerkraut?It turned out that it is possible and it is suggested negoloslovnoe!

Opinion Americans

American medicine has long been working on this matter, and scientists came to an interesting conclusion.Gastric ulcers feature is that for any method of treating a disease can not be cured by more than twenty days, and this treatment ends.However, if included in the diet of the patient is sauerkraut, then the terms of scarring occur much earlier, as well as a full recovery.

After appropriate study of more than 350 patients, the researchers fully proved their hypothesis as the fact that with the help of sauerkraut can be twice as fast to heal the ulcer.However, this is on condition that the cabbage is included in the daily diet.

opinion of Russian experts

Russian experts largely on this issue do not give a precise answer.Often, however, it can be heard on this issue as follows: when a stomach ulcer is just beginning to escalate, neither of which cabbage is not out of the question, and not allowed to eat not only sauerkraut, but even fresh and cooked!Why is that?Fiber cabbage too rough, so it is very irritating to the mucous membrane, which is covered by the stomach.If such a reaction of the body to heal wounds much longer.But when worsening ulcers passed, then another matter!

cabbage, sauerkraut especially need to eat - it is a positive effect on the state of the stomach and digestive organs in general.You can even take a fresh cabbage juice and drink it after ulcerative period every day (3 times 1 cup), preferably on an empty stomach.This juice contains most of the substances, as well as vitamin B, which contribute to the rapid recovery.

Sauerkraut can not eat all patients, even in remission.The occurrence of peptic ulcer disease may be different, and there are times when even the cabbage should be excluded.This is especially true for those patients whose ulcer has become provoked disease caused when some other disease, the presence of which is strictly forbidden sauerkraut.

Unfortunately, all this is taken into account and analyzed by the forces only real specialist in particular gastroenterologist.The patient himself can not accurately determine the stage of the disease, do not understand the nature of its course, and certainly not to determine the which foods to eat at such moments can be, and what - you can not.

Although in general it seemed harmless sauerkraut, this product can be a powerful stimulant of the process, stop that you can only with the help of hospitalization, so if possible, check - if not altogether eliminate the use of sauerkraut with gastric ulcer!