Sorrel pancreatitis

By Admin | Health Recipes
07 June 2016

If pancreatitis is the main method of treatment becomes a special diet, which excludes certain types of products.Pancreas, being the main body of the suffering in the human body will not forgive any error whatsoever in the diet.Therefore, to reduce pain and improve the patient's health must adhere to certain rules.There is a list of products that use is strictly prohibited.These include various fatty and spicy food, smoked meat, alcohol, some green, and more.Among leafy vegetables and sorrel contraindicated.

Everyone knows that such an early greens like sorrel, deservedly considered useful vitamin products, and also low-calorie.Its composition is rich in various vitamins and minerals that are necessary during the body of a healthy diet.In addition, the dock has a huge popularity - literally all gardeners grow it, and in the preparation of certain dishes, he is simply irreplaceable.It actively include in the diet after a period of shortage of natural mineral vitamins, which falls on the winter and spri

ng.Use sorrel in various forms - both fresh and as a filling to main courses.

negative impact pancreatitis

If a person suffers from diseases of the digestive tract, the leaf vegetable is contraindicated to use.It provokes a number of adverse reactions in the intestine and have a negative effect on the pancreas.Sorrel sour taste comes through organic acids, which are many in its leaves.In turn, falling into the stomach, these agents irritate the digestive system and increase the acidity of gastric juice.All this leads to negative consequences, for example, stimulation of gastric and pancreatic secretion.

greatest amount of all the organic acids contained in the green takes oxalic acid.Its harmful effects on the body is the ability to disrupt normal calcium metabolism, as well as provoking the formation of stones, oxalate.Such stones can occur in the bile duct and bladder.In the future, they will impede the flow of bile, which contributes to damage to the pancreas.Also stones leads to swelling of the prostate moves, and this makes it impossible for the allocation of its secret at the time.So starts the process of "self-digestion" in the human stomach.

For those who suffer from acute pancreatitis, sorrel can cause unwanted diuretic effect.

Knowing sorrel particular influence on the digestive system and the body as a whole, Gastroenterologist uniquely contribute ban on the use of green pancreatitis patients.Not allowed its use, even during remission, after a huge amount of acid contained in it actively affect the pancreas.And this phenomenon can cause acute pain attack patient and only worsen his condition.