Compress on the throat laryngitis

By Admin | Health Recipes
07 June 2016

such diseases as laryngitis successfully treated not only drugs, but also the means at hand.One of the most common methods of treatment of laryngitis in the home is a compress, providing high efficiency.With this procedure, you can heat in a short time to get rid of the pain and sore throat and hoarseness.

How to compress to the throat with laryngitis?

compress laryngitis allows vessels to expand, to increase blood circulation in organs subjected to temperature extremes.Compress allows not only to achieve a positive result, it is considered one of the most harmless and safe procedures.

To make a compress, it is necessary to make the inner layer of gauze or a bandage.The selected material should be rolled into several layers and moisten with warm water.Instead, it is possible to use a mixture of alcohol, vodka or diluted alcohol.Also suitable for compress a mixture of water and camphor oil.

Next, you need to prepare the middle layer, which is insulating.It should be made of oilcloth, waxed paper or

polyethylene.The third layer will compress the outer insulated.To make it available means can be used as a warm woolen shawl or scarf.

After the layers are collected they must impose on each other and put on his throat.Making a compress, it is important to take into account the important rule - the middle layer must be 5 cm wider than the first - domestic.Insulated layer also insulating exceed 5 cm in width.

Features of the procedure

As a rule, use a compress laryngitis should be the same as in other diseases related to throat.The compress is necessary to be 4-8 hours.Must be a two-hour break between the new overlays compress.

applying heat treatments must end with rubbing alcohol footprint.Only after that should be imposed on the throat, dry bandage.After carrying out this heat treatments should not go out, especially to children.In

if used to compress any drugs, it is necessary to consider that some of them may cause such a reaction as irritation.In order to prevent this to the skin in the throat area, a children should be applied cream or liquid paraffin.

Contraindications Do not make a compress for patients with laryngitis, whose body temperature is higher than normal.Otherwise, the situation will only aggravate.Among the contraindications should include any damage to the skin, the presence of dermatitis, boils.

Do not make the thermal process to the people who suffer from the tendency to bleeding, oncological diseases, atherosclerosis, and so on. D. If you are unsure whether you want to make a compress laryngitis, be sure to consult your doctor for advice!