Cherry pancreatitis

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07 June 2016

Pancreatitis (acute and chronic) - this is a serious pathology of the pancreas.The reasons may be different (tumors, cysts, duct cancer overlapping stones, moving from the gall bladder).

the treatment of chronic pancreatitis is becoming a major stop the destruction of the gland.The effectiveness of treatment can only be achieved through an integrated approach to the combination of techniques and methods of treatment.This may be the integration of nutrition, medication, prescribed by your doctor, vitamin preparations and reception folk remedies, including cherries.

Cherry, as a medicinal plant

cherry - tree, flowering and fruiting in April at the end of June, most - in early July.Cherry fruits - drupes, they have a lot P-active substances rich in glucose and fructose.Therapeutic for patients with pancreatitis is a diuretic, strengthens blood vessels effect of cherry berries and its juice.Also extremely important is the choleretic effect of black cherry fruit.

Cherry in combination therapy in the tr
eatment of pancreatitis

Just need to understand that pancreatitis, especially in its acute attack of any self is not allowed.Any use, including the administration of drugs of plant origin must be recommended by a specialist.

main purpose of juices, infusions of cherry - is to ensure the most favorable pancreas rest, remove her unfavorable load.The patient with chronic pancreatitis will be assigned to a diet.We need to understand that the only long-term and systematic compliance with all procedures will lead to a positive result.

in the diet of patients with chronic pancreatitis Cherry is not the last.If the aggravation took no less than five days, then it begins receiving cherry compote and jelly, but without the berries strained.Two weeks into the diet administered jellies, puddings, mousses cherry.This berry is not subjected to prolonged heat treatment is sufficient to bring to a boil and then let stand to cherries preserved its healing properties.

can prepare compote of cherries with dried apricots.Cherry takes seedless (two hundred grams), as much apricot per liter of water.Sugar is added quite a bit.Fruits put in a boiling water with sugar, bring to a boil and remove from heat.Covered with a lid and allowed to cool.

At a time when there is no exacerbation of pancreatitis, berries cherries are introduced into the diet of fresh.You should begin with a very small amount, while carefully analyzing the reaction of the organism.Enlarge receive up to half a cup of berries a day.This amount is sufficient for the beneficial effects on the pancreas.Berries need to chew, eat only fully ripe fruit.Berries that have been removed from the tree ripened and were brought to maturity during transport artificial, can cause unwanted inflammatory reactions.

Contraindications admission cherry

during the exacerbation of pancreatitis fresh cherry fruit should not be consumed, as their dense shell can irritate the stomach and intestines.Also, fresh squeezed juice cherries during an episode of acute pancreatitis should be abolished.