Sore left side while running

By Admin | Health Recipes
07 June 2016

What to do if you suddenly became ill enough to noticeably left side while running or when engaging in any sport?Any school physical education teacher as a therapist is sure to provide the following recommendations.


If you have any pain in his left side while running is not heroics.Once there was a sharp pain in his left side - all to achieve sporting feats instantly over!It is urgent to stop to catch my breath and understand the cause of the origin of the pain.

causes of pain in his left side while running

first, as evidenced by a sharp pain in my left side is - the signals from the spleen, is not ready to accept the unexpectedly high workload.As a rule, it is quite a sharp pain (called spasm), which is typical for those who are not bothered by physical or dynamic exercises.This pain usually begins quite sharply, but so sharply and ends.All that is needed for relief and neutralize it - stop for a few minutes, take a half upright position (even watching!) And a very deep breathe through the

nose!And, of course, abandon the exercise.

hurts his left side while running often and those whose body is going through hormonal changes.But, in fairness, even for professional athletes, whether they are runners or cyclists, as they themselves say, "prihvatyvaet" left side, although it is not hockey, power devices out there do not happen.

entirely different case - the same sharp pain in the hypochondria.They may have even trained person when his body is at the limit of physical capacity or artificially derived peak form.However, this insidious pain can occur in people who regularly dosed and keep fit in quite regular mode.

There is yet another reason why it hurts his left side while running.This, of course, an insidious pancreas, which, like the liver, does not have an effect until the very last.Only it is necessary to understand, in any case, that the liver is the other side.

Another set of reasons, though very rare - a congenital heart disease, pulmonary narrow aperture, birth defects and so on.

What to do when a sore left side?

  • Do not be afraid.
  • necessary to stop any exercise.Take
  • possible half-sitting position (best - lying) and leave the body alone for 8-10 minutes.It is not necessary at this jerk feet, twirl your hair and show other manifestations of fear.
  • in any case - to call an ambulance!

How to avoid pain in his left side while running?

It would seem that begs the obvious answer to this question - to stop jogging and in every way to protect your body from physical activity.However, this decision is totally wrong, and often can not solve the problem, but only aggravate it, because the problem may just be rooted in inadequate sedentary life.

most reasonable way to understand why it hurts left side when running - of course, to see a specialist with the necessary medical qualifications!Rather, the expert's okay not detect or irreversible.But the cause of the trouble in most cases, be able to eliminate.And then - to run on your health!