Pomegranate with pancreatitis

By Admin | Health Recipes
06 June 2016

pomegranate has healing and minerals, good weight loss and simply decorated with a lot of recipes.Patients with pancreatitis are wondering about whether they can take this fruit, in what proportions, with any other food?

Garnet in the diet of a patient with acute pancreatitis

The pulp Pomegranate contains acid, which is contraindicated for pancreatitis.Excess acidic foods increases the synthesis of pancreatic enzymes, and this leads to inflammation and exacerbations.

Together with pancreatitis can occur bowel disease and tannins contained in the garnet exacerbate intestinal, providing reinforcement to his actions.Choleretic effect that this fruit has even more influence on the pancreatic enzymes, their actual active drive.From the foregoing, it is clear unequivocally that the disease is acute pancreatitis eliminates the use of a grenade from the diet completely in the appointment of a strict diet or fasting.These warnings relate to acute pancreatitis, chronic disease with things a little differentl

y - the use of small amounts of pomegranate allowed.

Adding pomegranate menu after the disease had disappeared

If symptoms of acute pancreatitis, completed the full course of treatment can revise your menu and make some adjustments.After the establishment of normal urine, blood, feces can be seen in the diet garnet as several seeds and after the disappearance of any disease symptoms.Closely following the general condition of the patient treated, you can gradually increase the dose of pomegranate reception.This is allowed in the absence of:

  • nausea;
  • fever;
  • pain in the pancreas;
  • diarrhea.

In acute pancreatitis garnet phase is not recommended, but once come lasting remission may use sweet pomegranate (200-300 grams per day).Choose fruit with thicker skin dryish, they are ripe and juicy.Soft crust of the fruit may indicate improper transport and damage (frostbite or deformation when the bounce).Pomegranate period falls on autumn season September-November, at which time all the fruit sweet.Receiving a grenade in the diet is necessary in view of all the useful features, namely it:

  • increases the overall tone;
  • protects against aging, inflammation, cancer (due to the presence of folic acid);
  • improves digestion;
  • unnerved strengthens the immune system;
  • protects against the damaging effects of radionuclides.

Drinking pomegranate possible dilution water, carrot or beet juice, and then after the acute illness.To quickly exit the heightened period, we recommend the use of pomegranate peels mixed with equal parts of immortelle.

Pomegranate is rich in antioxidants, which are useful for the regeneration of the pancreas.Therefore, its use is necessary, but only after recovery and remission, as already mentioned above.Pomegranate seeds protect vessels against free radicals, which plays an important role in recovery.

Each case is special in itself.If you are diagnosed with pancreatitis, do not panic, but first we must consult a doctor and install, can be able to take your grenades in the food or wait a little bit with this fruit.In addition to effective and useful qualities grenade can hurt in the process of sharpening the disease, so the advice and recommendations from a doctor required.