How to recover after hearing of otitis media?

By Admin | Health Recipes
06 June 2016

Illiterate treatment of otitis media, too late referral to a doctor and frequent recurrences - all of which can lead to hearing loss, and in some cases the development of deafness.Complications may develop a few days and can occur suddenly.It is necessary to fight the very first minutes of manifestation of the problem.

treatment specialist

Often hearing loss after otitis media is the result of a blockage.This is due to an increased release of sulfur during illness.Modern medicine can offer multiple ways to resolve this problem.Typically, they are used in combination.It:

  • Vibromassage eardrums, helps to eliminate hearing loss;
  • flushing the ear with antiseptic solutions to eliminate pus, and sulfur, as well as disinfection of the ear;
  • blowing balloon Pollitzer for ventilation of the ear canal.

also otitis media can lead to soldering and sealing of the connective tissue.After the acute form of otitis eliminate these effects is possible only by dissecting the connective tissue, which is produced b

y surgery.The faster a patient go to the hospital, the better the chances to restore hearing.That is why experts advise not to self-medicate and warming, especially in the early stages, and to visit a specialist.The doctor will prescribe an adequate and timely treatment is important.In some cases it can be combined with traditional methods.

Traditional recipes for restoring hearing

Traditional medicine offers many recipes, allowing to restore and improve hearing after the disease.Natural honey is mixed with sea buckthorn oil in proportions of 1: 1 mixture and one drop is instilled in the affected ear.This should be done after a light massage the ear lobes.A couple of hours you need to go so that the mixture is completely drained from the ear, and then gently wash it.

believed that the most effective product to eliminate deafness is garlic.Garlic juice mixed with olive oil 1: 3.2-3 weeks, the mixture must be instilled into the ear.In some cases, the course can be repeated after 7-12 days.

If a hearing problem caused by sulfuric stopper recommended daily dig into the ears of almond oil in an amount of 5-7 drops.It helps reduce inflammation juice of boiled beets.2-4 drops of juice is instilled into the ears several times a day for 1-2 months.

Folk remedies for ingestion also help get rid of the hearing loss caused by otitis.The simplest of them - daily use 1 teaspoon grated lemon peel and pulp of honey.During the month and a half every day is recommended to drink milk with dissolved in it 1 teaspoon of birch tar.

Today there are a huge number of so-called alternative methods allowing to restore hearing after suffering otitis.This set of measures, among which are acupressure bands, ears, special exercises for the spine, and breathing exercises.