Avocado with pancreatitis

By Admin | Health Recipes
06 June 2016

Avocado used in the preparation of various foods and is like the main part thereof, and serves as an additional ingredient.Prepare the avocado is easy and quickly, because the soft tissue does not require prolonged treatment.Quick cooking method without heat treatment preserves all the nutrients of the product and thus has excellent palatability.

Avocado and its beneficial properties

avocado has become popular in recent years in our country and has already established itself as a useful and nutritious product.To meet the many diets, this fruit has become simply irreplaceable and recommendations of nutritionists have proof of that.Avocados contain antioxidants, vitamins, trace elements, without which the human body just can not do.He is well supported by the heart, a positive effect on blood circulation and digestion, and intestinal activity as a whole.

avocado also has a positive effect on the growth of hair and nails, slow down the aging of skin cells.And the ability to troubleshoot failures in th

e gastrointestinal tract warns of the appearance of malignant tumors.

Eating avocados pancreatitis

high fat product brings some limitations in the treatment of patients with pancreatitis.The damaged pancreas can not cope with the huge amount of fat, so the amount of this product is necessary to temper a little and take small portions.The overabundance of fiber, which is in avocados, can cause bloating, and even lead to a worsening of the disease.That is why it is necessary to eat the fruit on the recommendations of dietitian.

high calorie foods may be detrimental to the patient during sharpening, so it is contraindicated at this stage of the disease.After 2 months of the disease can begin to make the avocado in the diet, beginning with a teaspoon of pulp.Watching the condition of the patient, increase the dose to start eating the product.Absence or some pain, diarrhea suggests that avocado absorbed and transported normally.

This product is recommended to use fresh, you can beat the pulp to a blender or by removing the peel in small portions, to select the contents of a spoon.Also avocados consumed as part of salads, combined with seafood, baked in small slices.

If pancreatitis is strictly prohibited the use of sauces with a capacity of avocados, which are used to prepare spicy and acidic foods.But cooked avocado oil are a good remedy for treating pancreatitis, and when sharpened even highly recommended by doctors.Within 2 weeks, it should be taken before meals.To maintain the normal condition of the patient is necessary to take this course four times a year.More should revise its full power and divide it into several parts, for example, 6 instead of 3. Watch out for calorie foods, then the treatment of pancreatitis will be faster and more efficiently.