Aloe juice from the common cold

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06 June 2016

virtually all treated rhinitis.The problem at first sight simple, but gives a lot of troubles.We treat mainly drugs that do not cure the common cold, but only suspend the disease and relieve swelling from the nasal mucosa.But the drops can leave negative consequences - such as addiction, vasoconstriction, and in some cases can lead to high blood pressure (especially the elderly).Therefore, all the drops are used for no longer than 5 days.Some drugs are contraindicated for children up to 2 years.The question immediately arises of what to treat a runny nose?We will fight the disease using folk methods - such as aloe.

Aloe - a plant that has many nutrients and trace elements that help fight infections.The plant has anti-inflammatory, immune-stimulating and restorative properties.

How does aloe?

During nasal instillation aloe therapeutic components that are contained in the plant, are quickly absorbed due to proximity of the blood vessels on the inner surface of the nasal passages.The effect is visible

immediately - reduces swelling of the nasal mucosa, improving breathing.The components of aloe juice, falling into the blood, neutralize toxins, and fight infection, viruses and pathogenic bacteria.

final dosage of aloe vera at home

Cook can cure every illness.You will need an aloe leaf, but must take into account the fact that the older the plant, the better.Take a leaf, wash well, dry.Wrap it in a piece of paper and put it in the refrigerator.After 12 hours, you can use it (enough for a few weeks).Pure juice of the plant is not recommended, as the juice is concentrated and bitter, can cause irritation of the nasal mucosa.To avoid this, it is necessary to dilute it with water.

Cooking drops for adults.It will take tablespoon of aloe juice and a half tablespoons of water.It is also possible to prepare a drop of honey.You will need a spoonful of honey and a tablespoon of water.The solution is effective in chronic rhinitis and sinusitis.Honey diluted with water, then add a spoonful of aloe juice.Cooking drops for children.It will take tablespoon of aloe juice and two tablespoons of water.

domestic drip drops on aloe three times a day 3-5 drops into each nasal passage.

If runny nose does not pass, the nose is laid down, then prepare an emulsion based on aloe juice.You will need vegetable or olive oil, aloe leaf.Sheet washed, dried and put in the fridge for a day.Oil bring to a boil and cool.Take the spoon a tablespoon of aloe juice and three tablespoons of oil.Mix and heat the vehicle in a water bath.The emulsion can be cooled down and drip.You can make the flagella of the bandage that pre-wet the oil and insert it into the nose to keep the vehicle for several minutes.Every day to prepare a new tool.

Contraindications drops on aloe

  1. contraindicated apply drops on aloe pregnant.
  2. If you have allergic reactions to the plant.