Cherry pancreatitis

By Admin | Health Recipes
06 June 2016

stone fruits are delicious, fragrant.They are perfectly quench their thirst in the heat, as well as provide a general tonic effect on the body.In addition, they contain many vitamins and minerals, but with the use such fruits, including cherries in the presence of a number of diseases, such as pancreatitis, followed with particular care.

Tips gastroenterologist

is strictly forbidden to include cherries in your diet at the time of exacerbation.The fact is that the fruits of cherries have a fairly thick skin.That it can seriously damage the already inflamed pancreas and pancreatic ducts.In addition, no thermal pretreatment berry retains a fruit acid.It can enhance inflammation and lead to pain that only exacerbated.

However, experts reported that as soon as the attack was stopped, and the stage of acute pancreatitis will subside, usually it takes 5-6 days, may be included in the diet of the patient's meals, which include a berry.Permitted dishes include drinks, jelly, jelly, mousses.

Consumption recommendations

gradually in the period of stable remission when the patient's state of health is significantly improved, doctors recommend gradually begin to eat the cherries.But in this case, experts advise adhere two rules - the fruit should eat only after they have passed the thermal treatment and in a minimum amount.Under these conditions the use of two cherries at a given ailment will solely benefit.This is due to that.

The cherry contains fructose, which is vital for our body, but its number of these fruits is minimal.So bring significant harm to weakened pancreatitis patient this product simply can not.

addition, unlike many other fruits and vegetables cherry pulp, particularly after the product has been further processed softer.Therefore, the fruit will not cause adverse effects to the patient body.

It should be noted that the berries, as well as dishes from her should be taken only after it was held the main meal.Dosage of the product must be strictly minimum and not more than 100 grams per day.

Why can not eat cherries during an exacerbation?

But the abuse of cherries at the time of exacerbation of disease can lead to quite serious consequences.Therefore, at this point it is strictly prohibited to use the berries in any form and quantity.There are several reasons:

  • cherry contains more sugar than other stone fruits, for example, the same cherry.When the next attack this may adversely affect the general health, as well as contribute to further inflammation of the pancreas.Fruit
  • This accommodates a variety of acid, namely citric, malic, and many others.It promotes the development of a number of enzymes that will cause another inflammation of the patient's body.