Coffee with pancreatitis

By Admin | Health Recipes
06 June 2016

Pancreatitis - a very common disease, so many people are interested in issues related to food is the right organization at the issue.Can I drink with pancreatitis, such as coffee?

This flavored drink - unchanged our companion throughout the day.It is perfectly tones and refreshes the mind.In normal operation, the entire digestive system no prohibitions in his hand there, as not found a link between coffee consumption and the occurrence of pancreatitis.However, people who have problems with the pancreas (chronic and especially acute) better to abandon its use.If pancreatitis coffee can lead to even more serious consequences and cause further failures in the pancreas.

Danger coffee pancreatitis

  1. Coffee contains caffeine and chlorogenic acids, which have a negative effect on the pancreas and gastric mucosa.Caffeine acts as a stimulant to the nervous and digestive systems.As a result of sharply increased production of gastric juice, and this in turn gives rise to pancreatitis, the person has heartburn
    and pain with nausea.The greatest harm in this regard causes a strong black coffee that was drunk on an empty stomach.
  2. Coffee helps whet the appetite, which can cause overeating.
  3. safer natural coffee, not instant or decaffeinated coffee.Natural grade pancreatic cause less damage, but in the surrogate drinks include chemically harmful substances that are added during the production of these drinks.
  4. ability caffeine stimulant effect on the nervous system causes the person with pancreatitis an additional negative effect.Frequent consumption of this drink can lead to nervous exhaustion and fatigue, and because of this will decrease the rate at which the pancreas is reduced.
  5. In addition to these negative qualities of coffee is worth mentioning that it prevents normal absorption of nutrients (it comes to the B vitamins, magnesium and calcium).And for treatment of pancreatitis it is very important to strike the right balance of micro, macro elements and vitamins.

Coffee in remission pancreatitis

Some coffee lovers are not able to completely give up from the use of this tasty beverage.Without a cup of coffee they have no mood, and stick the eye.In this case, at the time of stable remission, you can afford a cup of real coffee, but must comply with several mandatory conditions.

First of all, before you start drinking coffee, you should consult with a physician to precisely he approved the introduction of the diet of coffee.Secondly, the coffee is not allowed to drink on an empty stomach.It is required to comply with certain order.Please be good for breakfast, but after thirty minutes, allowed to drink one cup of coffee.In no case, drink a drink on his own.This will lead to disastrous results.This flatulence, nausea, heartburn, diarrhea, also can cause excessive overexcitation nervous system.Besides just drunk coffee greatly irritate the stomach lining, and this will, in the end, to its inflammation.

following requirement - the coffee you can drink only natural, diluted with the milk.

If after drinking coffee, drinking in compliance with all the requirements of the patient having pain in the region of the pancreas, it is necessary to immediately renounce the use of coffee, so as not to provoke a violent attack of pancreatitis.

If discomfort when consuming a drink there, it is possible to allow yourself one day a cup of this delicious and aromatic coffee without damaging the pancreas.