How do you know that hurt the kidneys?

By Admin | Health Recipes
06 June 2016

Very often, many of us are faced with discomfort in the lower back and spine.Acute or nagging pain, forcing the action and limit their physical activity not only prevents to live, but also seriously worrying because there just as suddenly as the disappears.At the same time determine the rest of the symptoms and diagnose yourself sometimes not possible (especially if you're far from medicine).So how to define disease only symptom of pain in the kidneys?

The first thing to remember - is the fact that the kidneys perform two very important functions in our body - is the formation of urine and excretion of toxins, therefore, to run this body is by no means impossible.But do not just sound the alarm if any, even the most mild pain in the back, because this is not a measure of renal dysfunction.Maybe you are just a little "chill", resulting in the lower back starts to pull, and every sudden movement responds to pain and discomfort or, for example, because meteolability you start to feel bad, and the symptom

s are just a pain in the back and joints.So first you need to remember that if you get sick kidney, it is always manifested by several symptoms and can not be seen.

reasons renal dysfunction

Kidney diseases are classified according to their causes.There are the following reasons:

  1. The occurrence of inflammation in the body, causing the kidneys begin to not deal with the amount of toxins.
  2. presence of stones or sand.This reason is most likely to occur in older people and can have serious consequences, if time does not take action to address it.
  3. Pathology.Very often, but, nevertheless, it is the place to be.Kidney disease are many, so an accurate diagnosis and to relieve the patient from pain should not urologist and oncologist.

symptoms of renal dysfunction

Now for the symptoms that may be present in the renal dysfunction:

  • Reduction or change in color of urine in the morning.If renal dysfunction drastically reduced its number and the color yellow becomes grayish-brown.In some cases, the urine may be a small amount of sand or sludge - another indication of kidney failure and require the help of a doctor.
  • Education bags under the eyes and drowsiness caused by the presence in the body does not completely eliminate toxins.
  • mood swings and possible fever.
  • blurred vision and poor appetite.

It should be remembered that the pain of renal dysfunction are always present, so do not be confused with the disease osteochondrosis, painful as they respond only to active movement.

find yourself uncomfortable symptoms, first steps - it analyzes and ultrasound.Having consulted with the urologist, oncologist, or a nephrologist, and received the results of studies, treatment is prescribed, comprising not only the medication, but also a special diet.