How to distinguish neuralgia pain in the heart?

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06 June 2016

Very often at the doctor by patients can hear complaints of pain in the heart.Many familiar penetrating sharp pain, aggravated by movement or breath.Sometimes it is impossible to budge because of lumbago.It is mainly localized close to the left side of the sternum or by spatula.

After the necessary research and analyzed the medical history of the patient, the doctor makes a diagnosis.

Most often these attacks of pain in no way associated with abnormalities of the cardiovascular system.The reason lies in neurology, namely intercostal neuralgia.

Intercostal neuralgia: symptoms, causes of

Intercostal neuralgia - pain resulting from compression or inflammation of the intercostal nerves.These nerves are located between the front edges.They provide activity of the intercostal muscles, the abdominal wall, as well as the sensitivity of the skin of the shoulder and trunk (sides).A total of 12 pairs.

Neuralgia can be infectious, traumatic or investigative nature.It can occur as a complication after disease

s - herpes, influenza, sciatica, neuritis, osteochondrosis, hernia and protrusion of the spinal discs.

Aggravating factors are also the chronic human diseases - such as diabetes, heart disease and blood vessels, alcoholism.

During an attack of intercostal neuralgia pain may be continuous or intermittently.Severe aching or burning, stabbing or cutting;all variously describe the discomfort away.

a result of the fact that the nerves depart to many organs, the pain can be localized under the shoulder blade, in the heart, in the lower back.That is why patients often take intercostal neuralgia of a heart attack, stomach pain or renal colic.

to promptly take the necessary measures for the relief of an attack, you need to know the main differences between this disease and heart disease.

Features intercostal neuralgia and heart attack

If the delay in the chamber did not suffer serious consequences (not counting the heavy torment), then a heart attack the loss of time can be very expensive.As a result, studies have found that a neurological pain people are careful and often mistakenly taken for the heart.And the signs of heart disease go undetected.

difference between a heart attack from the attack of neuralgia:

  • neuralgia attack lasts up to several hours, heartaches can subside after 10-15 minutes.
  • angina pain dull, oppressive, bursting (but not sudden or shoot), neuralgia is it sharp, sharp, stinging.In the latter case the patient can show exactly where it hurts.When the pain in the heart of localization across the sternum, turning to his left hand.
  • Neurological pain gets worse when you change body position, inhale or exhale.Heart pain is not dependent on this.
  • Heart attack is removed by nitroglycerine.

sometimes helps to relieve pain receiving sedatives (korvalola, valokordin).Heart attack on these drugs does not respond.If the human condition is getting worse, and the attack is not removed nitroglycerin, an urgent need to call a doctor because it has similar symptoms of myocardial infarction.Accurate diagnosis is made after removing the ECG and other studies.