Flax seed with pancreatitis

By Admin | Health Recipes
06 June 2016

the treatment of inflammation of the pancreas, many patients use folk remedies, which lead to a decrease in the frequency and severity of attacks.One of these traditional medicines is a linen or rather its seeds.

benefits of flax seed with pancreatitis

Flax seeds are widely used in the treatment of pancre

atitis.To do this decoction helps to reduce inflammation, affecting the pancreas.In addition, healthy drink from flax seed helps to stimulate bowel activity and strengthen immunity.

The composition of flax seed include proteins that are nutritious vegetable proteins.It should be noted that it is not necessary to carry out a course of therapy flax seed without first consulting your doctor.

drink made from flaxseed has enveloping effect, removes intoxication slows the growth of dividing cells.As a result, development of pancreatic tumors are suspended and it gives an opportunity to restore its function.

methods decoction of flax seed

In order to achieve positive results in the treatment of pancreatitis using flax seeds, you need to properly prepare a decoction of them.For this we can use one of the methods.On the first of them must be boiled linseed (60 g) for about two hours in water (1 L).Next, the broth will need to drain and cool to room temperature.The resulting beverage will need to take about one and a half to two months.Before the meal you should drink about a glass of broth.

There is a second method of preparing a decoction of flax seed.To do this, they need to take in the amount of 3 tbsp.l.and pour boiling water (1 liter) and then tightly cover and remove to a warm place.After 13 hours, the drink will be thirsty.Prior to the meal drink flaxseed should drink 100 ml.

Contraindications to the use of decoction of flax seed

Despite the positive effects of flax seed on the inflammation of the pancreas, from a decoction made from them, there are contraindications.First of all, it must be said that drinking large amounts of flax seed is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women.

With great care should eat this drink people who suffer from chronic pancreatitis.This is due to a pronounced choleretic effect, which have flax seeds.Also do not forget that they contain large amounts of fiber, so daily consumption of decoction of flax seed must be accompanied by an increased volume of fluid intake.

With proper preparation and use of flax seeds patients with pancreatitis will soon notice that the symptoms appear much less frequently.As a result of the restoration of the inflamed organ is much faster!