Flax seed for gastritis

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06 June 2016

Gastritis - disease, with lesions of the mucous membrane of the stomach wall.Therefore, the treatment of the disease play an important role enveloping means.One of these is the flaxseed.

Characteristics and therapeutic properties of flax seed gastritis

With the purpose of treatment using ordinary or flax seeds, as it is called, linen flax.In its composition to contain about 50% fatty oils, mucus - 12% protein - 26%, the same amount of carbohydrates and organic acids, vitamins, enzymes, carotene.

Flax seed is primarily used as a protective shroud, emollient and laxative.The easiest way to use it in the people is the use of 1 or 2 teaspoons of seeds that washed down with a glass of hot water of moderate temperature.Mucus, formed by the action of hot water on flax seeds, cover the mucous membrane of the stomach wall, removing or preventing inflammation in gastritis.

Apply flax seed, as in the increased acidity of gastric juice, and low.It is also beneficial for chronic constipation, obesity.

Application flax seed gastritis

The following recipes of traditional medicine, used for the treatment of gastritis with flax seeds:

  • 1 tbsp.l.whole seeds per 2 cups of boiling water.Insist 60 minutes, shaking occasionally.Strain.Used before a meal.
  • Flax seed in the amount of 20 g pour a liter of water.5:00 insist, then strain.Eat 0.5 cups 1 reception.

Application flax seed for gastritis with low acidity of gastric juice

the treatment of chronic gastritis, accompanied by low acidity of gastric juice during exacerbation of the disease prepare mucus from flax seeds.For this 1 h. L.pour a glass of boiling water, leave for half an hour, stir, strain.At one time it is taken before a meal 1 tbsp.l.infusion.Repeat three times daily.If the gastritis is accompanied by chronic constipation, seeds infuse for 60 minutes and drink without straining at night on a glass with the seed.Every day prepare fresh infusion.

Application flax seeds in gastritis with acidity of gastric juice

1 dessert spoon of flaxseed pour 600 ml of boiling water and cook on minimum heat for 10 minutes.Get a linen pudding.Daily norm - 3 x 100 g before meals and at 50 g - after eating.Deadline - 40 days.

Cook broth per cup of boiling water 1 tbsp.l.a mixture of the following herbs taken 15 g each:

  • mint leaves;
  • linden flowers;
  • fruits of fennel;
  • licorice root;
  • flax seeds.

boiling time - 5 minutes, the infusion - 10 minutes, then strain.The daily dose - 2-3 a glass.

To prepare the broth will need one more:

  • 10 g of white willow bark;
  • 20 g rhizome, leaf birch, viburnum, plantain, black currant;
  • 30 g of mint and herbs centaury;
  • 40 g of flax seed;
  • 50 g herb St. John's wort and motherwort.

2 tbsp.l.Pour mixture in a thermos 0.5 liters of boiling water and infuse overnight.This rate divided into 3 doses, taking the 0.5 hour before meals.

Taking flaxseed, should know that to achieve the desired effect it is necessary in addition to adhere to a special diet, eat frequent small meals.Meals are prepared in a shabby.More in the diet administered mucous cereals, jellies, having shielding property.

before use flax seed for gastritis advisable to consult a doctor, as it can not be applied to all.In particular, caution is necessary persons suffering from gallstone disease, hepatitis, pancreatitis.