Gooseberries in diabetes

By Admin | Health Recipes
06 June 2016

state of health of patients with diabetes mellitus people permanently dependent on food they consume during the day.If only once afford to eat foods with a high GI (glycemic index), blood sugar levels can rise dramatically, and the patient will require urgent medical attention.Should be legible and in the use of fruits and berries, because they have a low glycemic index, not all of them.

The gooseberry is useful for patients with diabetes?

Most of the berries and fruits are low GI and are not contraindicated for feeding people with diabetes.This category also includes berries and gooseberries, containing a small percentage of fructose.

Another reason not to indulge in the use of gooseberry - chrome is contained in the berries.This element has a beneficial effect on the pancreas, stimulating the production of insulin, so in the early stages of the disease green berries are not only allowed, but also encouraged to eat.In diabetes it can stabilize the patient's condition and allow to do without medicin


Also present in the gooseberry in vitamin C and soluble fiber.Since patients with diabetes a person violated the assimilation of nutrients, for it is important that the present fiber diet that promotes digestion.To receive the benefits of gooseberry is maximized, it is necessary to eat, sweetened with honey.

When you can not eat gooseberries?

main reason for moderate use gooseberries - it is related illness.If the patient in addition to diabetes difficulty with the work of the gastrointestinal tract, or he suffers from gastritis with high acidity of gastric juice, eat fresh gooseberries undesirable.They can provoke an aggravation of gastritis and colic in the gut.This is especially true of green gooseberry varieties.Of course, if careful, a few well-ripened berries will not bring harm.

Though fresh gooseberry has practically no contraindications and its moderate consumption is not only permitted, but also useful for patients with diabetes, in some cases, it can not be there.For example, gooseberry jam, cooked in a sugar syrup has a high GI, when used the absorption of sugar happens very quickly, and is also growing rapidly, its concentration in the blood.These same properties and other harvesting gooseberry cooked with sugar - fruit drinks, beverages, jams and marmalades.All of them, of course, are contraindicated for patients with diabetes.

If you like gooseberry jam, you can cook it without adding sugar or using instead, sorbitol or xylitol.This jam will somewhat less consistency than cooked with sugar, but do no harm.The compote of gooseberries and added sweeteners as, indeed, and all kinds of compotes and other pieces of fruits and berries.