Peppermint pancreatitis

By Admin | Health Recipes
06 June 2016

Medical statistics show that pancreatitis is today one of the most common diseases.Approximately one in three people suffers from it.The causes of the disease myriad.This heredity, and the abuse of alcohol and unhealthy diet, and excessive enthusiasm for flour and smoked products.

stages of treatment of pancreatitis

Depending on the stage of the disease, as well as its type of patients prescribed a different medication.In some cases, even surgery is practiced.However, regardless of the clinical picture of pancreatitis in all patients without exception prescribed by strict diet.

In addition to the main traditional treatment used and unconventional.In particular, they are used for the treatment of a variety of herbs and fees.Of these, at a given ailment prepare teas, infusions and decoctions.

One of healing and beneficial herbs for pancreatitis is peppermint.It has anti-inflammatory soothing properties.In addition to this facility, prepared on the basis of mint, perfectly relieves pain.

How to take mint pancreatitis?

One common funds, which is made from mint tea is.Take it immediately follows half an hour before a meal in the form of heat.The maximum single dose - 200 ml.Make tea in this way.Half of a large spoon raw pour 230 ml boiling water.Insist on for 10 minutes, then filter and take in view of the above recommendations.Mint tea in this case will produce anti-inflammatory effects.Take this tea can be in all stages of the disease.Often, doctors prescribe it as a prophylactic.

also include peppermint in the spasmodic and analgesic herbal.For example, one of the most successful in pancreatitis is considered a duty.


  • peppermint (3 servings);
  • chamomile (1 serving);
  • fennel seeds (1 serving).


The listed ingredients are mixed.Then pour liter of boiling water.Give the collection brew during the day in a cool place, after which the mass of carefully filtered.Eat means necessary in the form of heat at the first manifestations of painful symptoms.The recommended dose - 200 ml.Ready infusion should be stored in the refrigerator for no longer than a week, otherwise it will lose its medicinal properties.

the chronic form of the disease is very useful to take a decoction of the following herbs.


  • St. John's Wort (200 g);
  • peppermint (100g);
  • calendula (200 g);
  • wormwood (50 g).


named plants pour a liter of cold water.Bring to the boil and composition tomyat 10 minutes, then filtered and taken before a meal.Experts recommend guzzle broth courses lasting 2 weeks.Then you should take a break for a month.Then welcome grass renew.The infusion has a strong preventive effect.