Dill pancreatitis

By Admin | Health Recipes
06 June 2016

spicy flavor and unique aroma that gives dill, is a real find in the preparation of various dishes.It is used in marinades, in salt, in the preparation of meat and fish, salads, mushroom and fermented dishes.Dill has a mass of useful qualities and properties, but can you use it as food for pancreatitis?

Use dill food pancreatitis patient is primarily determined by the phase in which at the moment is a disease.The acute phase does not involve the introduction of dill in the diet, but in chronic pancreatitis should not abandon the dill, because this herb is rich in essential oils, which are able to envelop the mucous membrane of the pancreas, thus rendering it beneficial anti-inflammatory effect.

Dill in acute pancreatitis

Do not eat fennel or fresh, or as an additive to other dishes.This is due to the fact that fennel has a laxative effect on the body.This effect is soft enough, but together with other factors, it can cause pancreatitis, increased pain and lead to severe diarrhea.In addition, essent

ial oils are part of dill, promote processes choleretic and bile is able to enhance the inflammation of the pancreas.

So when the acute stage is to forget Dill, introducing it from the menu only to the completion of this stage of the disease.

Dill in chronic pancreatitis

After the acute stage of the disease will be held and will begin a period of remission, allowed the inclusion in food dill.It can be added in a fresh and dry into soup, vegetable soup in the in soup, beetroot soup, soup with cereals, in casseroles, side dishes to vegetables, salads and stews.Permission is granted to add the dill in different sauces and vegetable gravy.

addition to its taste and dill boasts other useful and very important for the body's properties.

The fact that fennel is able to reduce bloating, improve the intestinal microflora has long been known, even a newborn kiddies recommend giving dill vodichku for these purposes.

addition fennel has the ability to act positively on the psycho-emotional mood of a person (the beneficial effects of essential oils), can reduce blood pressure and dilates blood vessels, helps with menstrual pain and increases lactation, is rich in ascorbic acid.Dill has also diuretic and expectorant action, contains very few calories.Dill tea is able to exert a calming effect, so drink it before going to bed.You can make tea with the addition of dill chamomile and other herbs.

However, there are contraindications to the use of dill.He is quite capable of provoking an allergic reaction or even increase the tone of the uterus (so it is not included in the diet of pregnant women with threatened miscarriage).

During sustained remission pancreatitis can be consumed per day to seven tablespoons of chopped dill.There can be boiled, fresh, stewed and baked form.If pancreatitis can make an infusion of fennel seeds and herbs, it has a healing effect.Brew 200 grams of water one teaspoon of seeds, but first it is necessary to consult with your doctor.