Strawberry jam for diabetics

By Admin | Health Recipes
06 June 2016

Many people are familiar with the disease as diabetes.Patients with this disease have to undergo significant restrictions in the diet of the food and, above all, to give up sweet food.One of the "forbidden" desserts for people who need to control the level of insulin in the blood, is a jam.However, even this tasty delicacy, using some of the subtleties of cooking, can be adapted to diabetics.Let's look at how to make jam from strawberries for people with a diagnosis of "diabetes" in order not to harm their health and allow in winter to enjoy the delicious and aromatic dessert.

First of all, we note that this delicacy will be different from all the usual jams that to cook it, we will not use sugar, which, as you know, is the worst enemy of diabetics.But this does not mean that the jam will turn sour and not very pleasant to the taste.The secret is simple: we will replace sugar sweetener, for which will be the sorbitol.This substance does not influence the concentration of insulin in the blood.

So, you must take 2 kg of strawberries and berries to sort out carefully, removing aside rotten or spoiled items that got into a jam, not the best way impact on its taste.Selected berries must be carefully washed under running water and fold in a colander so that their glass with excess fluid.Now, the strawberries should be released from the tail, then cut in half or berries, if desired, into 4 parts.

in an enamel basin, where we cook strawberry jam for diabetics, it is necessary to fall asleep 1.4 kg of sorbitol.In a small saucepan pour cold water (400 mL), bring it to a boil, and then dissolved therein, citric acid (4 g).Pour the resulting mixture into sorbitol and mix well until complete dissolution of the sweetener.

In the finished sweet syrup gently immerse strawberry pieces, mix well and leave in this state for 5-6 hours.Over time, send a jam on the stove and boil it on low heat for 20 minutes.Then, turn off the flame and let cool jam.We fall asleep in our treats another 1.4 kg of sorbitol and cook a little longer until tender berries jam.Pour into prepared delicacy sterile jars and roll boiled lids.Sweets for diabetics ready!Bon Appetit!