Pomegranate juice: the benefits and harms

By Admin | Health Recipes
06 June 2016

mysterious fruit you will not find in the middle latitudes in the summer or early autumn.And only with the advent of winter, the snow-white appear on the shelves of shops and markets a beautiful ruby ​​fruit.This bomb or a grenade to combat vitamin deficiency, fatigue and disease, beauty and eye health benefits.

interesting fact that the use of the word "grenade" scientists believe wrong.In fact, the fruit has a special name - granatina, sounds pretty scary and majestic.What is the use of the names in question, it is not so important.The main thing that this fruit is necessarily present in the human diet - and young and middle years and older.

Many do not like the pomegranate because of the many small bones that not everyone is able to swallow.But to the pomegranate juice ratio is quite different, although it may scare some sour sweet lovers.

What is the secret?

The more nutrients, minerals and vitamins contained in the favorite product, the greater the benefit to the organism as a whole and its in

dividual components.

Pomegranate juice obtained from fresh fruit, canned and then stored in a dark, cool place enough.Juice can be manufactured at home, but many prefer the finished product manufacturing.

And there may be surprises, as the concentration of juice may be different depending on the manufacturer's recipe.Every drop of water added to the juice, its taste deteriorates.But it is especially affects the chemical composition of the juice and its degree of utility to the human body.

storehouse of nutrients

According to all of the world encyclopedia, in garnet and, hence, in pomegranate juice contains sugar (glucose and fructose and 20%) and tannins.Large quantities of trace elements are present, including calcium, potassium, sodium, manganese and magnesium.Do not do without a long list of vitamins and useful to the body tissue.

Pomegranate juice contains a variety of acids, among them the most famous citric, malic and oxalic."Ruby Juice" is rich in volatile production, which are the main associates with diseases such as SARS.Furthermore, in its chemical composition found nitrogenous substances.

juice, color reminiscent of blood, really helps to fight diseases of the blood.This is one of the best remedies in folk medicine, used for anemia.

about the medicinal properties of pomegranate juice known by the ancient Romans and Greeks.Famous Hippocrates argued that the sour drink will surely help in disorders of the nervous system and fever.The list of diseases in which the great doctor appointed grenades, diseases of the stomach and intestines.

colleague Hippocrates - physician Avicenna recommended to treat throat pomegranate juice, appointed as a remedy for dysentery, bleeding, high temperature.

Modern medicine has confirmed the correctness of these treatments and now recommends the use of pomegranate juice for the same diseases.

useful grenades stimulates the stomach and intestinal tract, promotes appetite.He is actively involved in the fight against inflammation of internal organs, used to enhance the impact of drugs used to treat cancer.

All is not gold ...

When the full range of one should not forget that in each case requires its own approach.It is a concentrated drink can cause stomach cramps.

it is not recommended to use for people suffering from gastric acidity, or offer to dilute with water.At an exacerbation of peptic ulcer disease should completely abandon the use of pomegranate juice.

sour, but useful fruit is not for everyone and not always, but to exclude it from the diet completely deleted from life is not worth it.Someday you will want to raise a glass of ruby ​​transparent drink to the health of your loved ones and.