Can the vodka for gastritis?

By Admin | Health Recipes
06 June 2016

Environmental risks, constant stress, lack of proper diet and other negative factors lead to the fact that the majority of people suffering from various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.One of the most common is considered gastritis, "purchase" that can be quite simple, but getting rid of it is almost impossible.Moreover, in violation of the special menu, which must be observed, the disease can be the primary cause of ulcers and even cancer.


Gastritis gastritis manifested by regular severe pain in the stomach area, which certainly brings discomfort to the patient.In order to stop the pain and prevent their occurrence, you must eat a special menu, as if this illness significantly damaged gastric mucosa, there is dysfunction of the gland, the main function of which - a complete digestion of food.

factors that cause such a disease, a great many, but recognized "leader" is the regular alcohol abuse.Among physicians there is even a term - "alcoholic gastritis."

often by patients sufferin

g from this disease, you can hear the question: "Can vodka gastritis?".The competent response specialist, read on.

Liquor question

Alcohol is one of the strongest components of irritating the stomach lining.It's all in his powerful and saturated chemical composition.Therefore, in large quantities, it provokes further irritation and inflammation of the tissue, which in turn causes severe pain, which usually have the character attacks.For this reason, most experts categorically prohibit use in patients with gastritis any alcohol.And especially so strong as vodka, and this is true both in the acute stage, and the stage of remission.

Part of the gastroenterologists is less critical and allow little "relief."They argue that small amounts of high-quality, natural, weak drinks, such as cider, wine, vermouth can be consumed occasionally.They are a small concentration of alcohol and such alcohol consumed in small quantities, cause significant harm can not.

But regarding alcoholic beverages - such as vodka experts also categorical data, because alcohol triggers the formation of hydrochloric acid, affects the mucous membranes.This factor further damage the tissues of the inflamed organ, resulting in a treatment process become worse and more prolonged.

Given this, gastritis patients are advised to completely eliminate from the diet consumption of spirits, especially vodka.This will significantly enhance the health, minimizes the chances of the formation of inflammatory processes in the gastrointestinal tract, to avoid severe pain.