How to get rid of subcutaneous pimples on your face?

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06 June 2016

Unlike conventional hypodermic acne can cause some complications, and look much more unpleasant.When facial subcutaneous pimples appear, a natural question arises: "How to get rid of these entities?" Independently open subcutaneous pimples extremely dangerous and even after visiting the beauty parlor on the skin may remain scars.To condition is not aggravated, it is important to promptly contact a specialist for help.

Before treating subcutaneous pimples, you need to be examined and to identify the causes of such education.In 80% of cases in the formation of subcutaneous acne guilty habit of keeping his hands dirty face and only 20% of cases of acne - the result of metabolic processes.

Causes subcutaneous acne - inflammatory bowel disease, ovarian, thyroid disease.

How to get rid of subcutaneous pimples on your face?

difficulty lies in the fact that their own open subcutaneous pimple more complex than the one that was formed on the surface of the skin and the second - not to leave scars on the skin

, the procedure of opening of acne should be done in the beauty parlor.

If we ignore the conditions and carry out the procedure properly, the pus can get into the blood, causing blood poisoning occurs.Since the formation of pus is in the inner layers of the skin, in self-extrusion are broken skin tissues.In the process of healing tissue grows together, formed deep atrophic scars and dark spots.Get rid of these effects is very expensive and time consuming.Rough handling and insufficient duct pus can get into surrounding tissue and healthy skin site, because of what and there is a new focus of inflammation on his face.

Hike to the surgeon

subcutaneous pimple In the event you need to consult a surgeon that is safe, painless and quick cleanse duct.In most cases, medicines are assigned to relieve inflammation.

Beauty Parlour

This method of cleaning the face as the ozone therapy will prevent the scarring process at the site of subcutaneous remote spots.Also in the course of ozone therapy reduces swelling of the skin, redness.

consultation with a general practitioner

This specialist will help establish the cause of subcutaneous acne.It is not necessary to use self-alcoholic solutions for wiping pimple place, because the effect will be the opposite.The skin is dried alcohol vapor and glands begin to produce an additional portion of fat.

Traditional methods of treating subcutaneous acne on the face

salt compress

dissolved in boiling water 2 tablespoons salt (no additives), and boil a few minutes.Then the solution moistened cotton swab and apply to the site location subcutaneous pimple.Lotion hold 5 minutes.Such manipulation is performed several times until complete healing of the skin.

mask of clay

Of all the "home" the most effective cosmetic mask of blue clay mixed with aloe juice.Good results in the treatment of acne gives subcutaneous mask cucumber and oatmeal, sea buckthorn and egg whites.

lotion to clean skin is useful to apply a lotion made from lemon juice diluted in boiled water.

If the skin on the face of a problem, it becomes a mandatory procedure for daily cleaning of the skin.Thus it is necessary to revise the food and do not forget the exercise and sports, of course, pay attention to the quality of the cosmetics, since it often causes clogging of skin pores.