Grapefruit: benefits and harms

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06 June 2016

Amazing fruit takes its rightful place in the human diet, regardless of where one lives - on the sultry south or the far north.Due to the elastic and quite thick skinned grapefruit crosses the seas and oceans, can withstand long days of travel and storage.And yet it retains nutrients and vitamins, when finally falls on the table.

Many refuse grapefruit because of the white inner skin, which is bitter and thus degrades flavor.Obtain the necessary dose of nutrients, while maintaining excellent taste, you can in the use of grapefruit juice.

Healthy Heart

The main advantage of this, as it is called "Citrus paradise" that a large amount of oxidants available in its composition, contribute to a significant reduction in the level of harmful cholesterol.To return to normal in a day is enough to eat just one fruit.

People suffering from coronary heart disease, along with other drugs should be consumed grapefruit.Another category in need of such assistants - are patients with circulatory disease.For them, t

he increase in cholesterol instantly affects on health.

only remark made by scientists, representatives of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.They recommend eating grapefruit with red flesh, not yellow.

to Vitaminka Vitaminka

Grapefruit - a treasure trove of vitamins, the highest concentration of nutrients is marked as pro-vitamin A, D, C, P, B1.The number of the most popular vitamin C in grapefruit more than in a lemon.Company

these friends of the human body is an organic acid, mineral salts, essential oils.Pectin, contained in the composition of the fruit and the juice out of it, helps to preserve youthfulness.

Volatile - great helpers in the fight against various diseases.Essential oils, creating a subtle unique flavor, have a positive impact on the body of any person, including tone, helping to keep fit and to overcome fatigue.

Many girls have heard about the miraculous properties of grapefruit diet.If we add to the daily diet of a glass of grapefruit juice, the positive trend will manifest quickly.

not help in the treatment of

One of the features of grapefruit juice is the presence of bergamottina and naringenin - special agents who like to interfere in the process of drugs.

Therefore, before turning the fruit into the diet of a person in the course of treatment, be sure to get medical advice.When the pill and other drugs carefully read the instructions.

interaction with grapefruit prescribed a separate item, as the digestion of fruit liver expends more energy, so the concentration of drug in the blood increases dramatically.

Health workers claim that the juice can reduce the effect of birth control pills, thus increasing the risk of unwanted pregnancy.This is especially true of drugs containing testosterone or cortisol, and these statements negoloslovnye they are confirmed by long, deep research.

bring benefit or harm one piece of fruit or a glass of grapefruit juice a person depends on the health status, diseases and predisposition to them.Medication plays an important role in creating a terrible myths about magical properties of fruit.