Purple Basil: useful properties

By Admin | Health Recipes
06 June 2016

compact clumps of purple basil look very nice planted in the flower bed next to the flowers, but other than decorative painting of a distant relative of the mint is endowed with many useful properties.The plant is recommended to use those who are making an effort to lose weight as 100 grams of weight it contains only 27 calories and mineral composition of the reservoir of nutrients lost during the diet.It has purple basil and other advantages.

vitamin composition

basil Basil is rich in vitamins C and P, which strengthens the structure of the blood vessels, so it is useful to enter into the diet of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.Also in plant leaves large amount of vitamin A, which has a beneficial effect on the condition of the nails, skin and hair.Besides this vitamin indicated for colds, bronchitis, tonsillitis.

course, complex diseases requiring medical treatment, one basil can not do, but it can be include nutrition as a general tonic and used as an adjunct to comprehensive treat

ment.For example, when ARI ARI or infusion of basil shown gargle or make inhalation.

antiseptic properties of basil

In folk medicine used antiseptic properties, which has purple basil.Infusion of basil can be washed in the eye conjunctivitis, stomatitis gargle and rinse your nose in rhinitis and other forms of rhinitis.To make an infusion, a few leaves of the plants are filled with boiling water and insist to cool the water - it turns an effective remedy, much cheaper pharmaceutical products.

strong decoction of basil are washed scratches and abrasions, children receive during the game.Postoperatively, they can be washed with poorly healing wounds festering.

use basil for cosmetic purposes

antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of purple basil are used in the home cosmetics.If rashes on the face of the infusion of basil used as a lotion to wipe the face and crushed into mush leaves applied to the skin as a cleansing and softening mask.These procedures are also useful to eliminate excessive oily skin.

rinse infusion or decoction of basil can cope with the breath.Used for rinsing after eating basil destroys plaque and bacteria that cause tooth decay.

Contraindications purple basil

Like all herbs, basil have contraindications.It is not recommended to use in food for people suffering from thrombophlebitis, varicose veins and diabetes.Basil should be limited in the diet of women during childbearing and breastfeeding.Of course, we are not talking about moderation in food basil - a few leaves in a salad once or twice a week to give up is not necessary.

to hand was always an antiseptic, basil can be grown at home in a flower pot.Its unusual color and ornamentation become original decoration on the kitchen windowsill.