Treatment of cystitis breastfeeding

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05 June 2016

often in women after childbirth or during breastfeeding appears unpleasant disease called "cystitis".It would seem that all alarm periods have passed (birth, pregnancy), but the consequences still remain.So many moms suffering from this disease can not give all the power to the care of the child.Also treat cystitis breastfeeding is very difficult, because antibiotics and other drugs can harm the baby, and secure means to help get rid of the disease is very small.

During breastfeeding cystitis in any case can not be treated yourself, say, on the recommendation of friends, and so on.Self-medication can lead to unpleasant consequences, so the appearance of the slightest sign of cystitis you should definitely see a doctor.

causes of cystitis

most common cystitis develops due to strong pressure on the bladder, as in childbirth, he was subjected to strong pressure.Moreover, at delivery of each woman disturbed flow circulation, which carries blood to the bladder.Consequently, its walls are squeezed, and i

s much easier to get an infection in the body.

Hypothermia - another cause of cystitis in lactating women.During birth, doctors often put on the belly childbirth ice pack to quickly stop the bleeding - if you keep the ice too long, the appearance of cystitis can not be avoided.

Hormonal system accompanies the female body during the whole pregnancy process: immunity during gestation significantly reduced, as the body devotes all his energy to childbearing.Because of this, it just can not fight infections that penetrate into it.

first assistance to women in case of cystitis

Doctors recommend the penetration of infection in the urinary system to drink a lot of water, since it is able to flush the bacteria out of the bladder wall, thus increasing the period of convalescence nursing mothers.

Guidelines for proper use of liquid

  • Do not drink soft drinks (juices, fruit drinks, lemonade) as sugar - a breeding ground for bacteria.
  • from coffee and tea, too, should be abandoned.They irritate the mucous membrane, in which the bacteria live.
  • water is recommended to drink at least 1.5 liters (in summer everything 2).
  • wonderful effect on the body has a cranberry juice, because it has a bacterial, and uroseptic diuretic properties, which positively affect the bladder wall, clearing it from harmful bacteria.

Antibiotics in case of cystitis in lactating women

nursing mother can not eat those drugs that treat the remaining patients - they contain biological substances that can harm the baby.However, no drugs also can not do.Typically, they are appointed by the attending physician, based on your analysis.

The correct antibiotic is able to eliminate the infection in only 4-5 days.It should be noted that the improvement in the treatment in any case can not be stopped, because the disease can become chronic.

information about some of the safety of the drug:

  • Preparations of sulfonamides quickly penetrate into breast milk, while not harming the baby.
  • funds belonging to the group of penicillin, can be used without interrupting the feeding, since they contain only natural ingredients.
  • Supplementation relating to nitrofuranam, you need to use only after the cessation of breastfeeding.

It should again be noted that the self can lead you and your baby to unpleasant consequences.

Additional treatments for cystitis

to cure cystitis passed quickly and without any complications, doctors recommend complementary treatment phytotherapy.This method makes it perfect nursing mums cope with diseases of the bladder, while not bringing any harm to the baby.Drugs based on natural ingredients (Fitozilin, Kanefron) have powerful anti-inflammatory effect, as well as significantly reduce pain and normalize the work of the kidneys.