Can the wine for gastritis?

By Admin | Health Recipes
05 June 2016

Many patients gastritis causes seriously reconsider their views on the usual food and drink.If some foods you can find an alternative to a favorite treat, the drinks, the situation is much more problematic.In disgrace get almost all kinds of alcohol, and even the use of noble wine in question.So whether you can drink wine with gastritis?

Like wine affects the gastrointestinal tract?

Without exception gastroenterologists warn their patients against drinking alcoholic beverages.The fact is that the ethyl alcohol in the stomach is practically not absorbed (resorption occurs in the gut), and spirits are there in an almost unchanged form.Such a "pure" alcohol negatively affects the lining of the stomach - annoying wall disrupts the production of acid for normal digestion.It is not surprising that even after a modest libations high risk of exacerbation of chronic gastritis and peptic ulcer disease.

Especially dangerous is the consumption of alcoholic beverages, which increase the secretory activity of the

stomach.These include beer, fruit and berry liqueurs, many wine.Considered the least secure vodka, brandy or liqueur-quality, naturally, in small doses.These drinks should opt for the holiday table, but wine drink with gastritis is not necessary.

How to drink with gastritis?

And what do you do when during a party you can not resist a glass of wine, and even a possible worsening of the disease does not scare you ?!To minimize the unpleasant effects on the stomach, to remember and to abide scrupulously by a few rules:

  • In no case can not drink wine on an empty stomach!Before the first sip should be tightly eat, for example, a bowl of soup, or imposing portions of meat.In the future, it is also worth a snack after each sip of wine, and then the effects of ethanol on the gastric mucosa is not as disastrous.
  • Drink the right wine.Sparkling wine, champagne that is completely eliminated all grades - contained in beverages carbon dioxide irritates the stomach wall.Under prohibition fall and fortified wines - because of the high alcohol content.Less dangerous to the health of the gastrointestinal tract can be called only young wines.
  • Can not choose between red and white wine?It's simple - red wine contributes to increased gas production, so preferred drink of light grapes.
  • wine must be of high quality.It is not necessary to consume wine beverages (generally, they are much cheaper) alcohol questionable package or under an unknown brand.Surrogate can cause intoxication and in a healthy person and a patient to provoke the strongest attack of gastritis.

And yet, before the use of wine is good think about it, you want it?Health - is the most important value, and you should not expose it to the risk for a minute of joy.