How to treat periodontal disease in the home?

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05 June 2016

Parodont - a special fabric, which is surrounded by a tooth.Quite often, this tissue affected with periodontitis, which is at an advanced stage leads to the loss of a tooth from the gum.

Periodontal disease is a common disease of the whole organism.Basically, the disease of the oral cavity occurs in people who are diagnosed diseases of internal organs.Periodontal disease detected in liver diseases, disorders of the endocrine system, gastrointestinal tract, with diseases of the blood vessels.

Periodontal disease can develop as a result of a lack of trace elements and vitamins in the human body.Another reason for the disease - poor oral hygiene and tartar.

Treatment of periodontal disease in the home

cure this disease of the oral cavity can be yourself with the help of folk remedies.They are quite a lot, so everyone chooses for himself a method of treating individually.


As a means of using only natural and fresh propolis.The most effective tincture prepared yourself: 100 g propolis pou

r half a liter of vodka or alcohol.In a cool dark place infusion stand 2 weeks.Treatment of periodontal disease propolis tincture is carried by one of the following schemes:

  1. soaked in tincture cotton swab is applied to the gums all night.
  2. few drops of tincture drip on the toothbrush and then brush her teeth.
  3. in 50 ml of water was dissolved 5 drops of tincture, and rinse your mouth means that every other day.


Effectively rinse mouth herbal tinctures.The pharmacy selling herbal blend of elecampane, Calamus and helichrysum.50 g of this mixture pour 500 ml of vodka, insist 2 weeks away from light, occasionally shaking the contents of the bottle.In half a glass of water take a teaspoon of tincture daily and rinse their mouths.

Essential oils

oil of lemon, orange, eucalyptus, mint, coriander is used to massage the gums, periodontal disease patients.Before the procedure, your mouth clean, wash their hands.On the thumb and forefinger to apply a drop of essential oil, and begin to massage the gingival margin in a circular motion, moving your fingers towards the center.Each jaw massage twice that facilitates the flow of fresh blood to the gums.


can make a tincture of calendula for a scheme similar to propolis.Rinse your mouth with such means should be three times a day, it will provide a stable effect and get rid of periodontal disease.

Oak bark

The crust of this tree contains a large amount of tannins, have strong hemostatic and anti-inflammatory properties.2 chopped oak bark is poured boiling water (200 ml), and means are placed in a water bath for 15 minutes.The present under the cover is kept for an hour.You can do simpler bark fill in a thermos and fill it with boiling water (200 ml).To rinse (6 times a day) use the infusion of diluted or neat.


This is a simple tool for the treatment of periodontal disease, which is in the kitchen in any home.A teaspoon of common salt dissolved in a glass of water - means ready to eat.A toothbrush was dipped into this solution and brushing teeth.If you wish, you can use sea salt mud seawater.

Periodontal disease is treated in a day, but at home to cope with the disease is possible.Folk medicine for many centuries of its history, has accumulated a huge amount of recipes for treatment of periodontal disease - remains only to choose the most suitable option for themselves, excluding the likelihood of allergies to the components.