Activated carbon for pancreatitis

By Admin | Health Recipes
05 June 2016

Activated carbon - porous material in black, which is composed of carbon-containing organic materials.Despite the fact that the pharmaceutical market today are a wide variety of expensive sorbents, activated charcoal, the efficiency of which is time-tested, is widely used for the treatment of various diseases, including pancreatitis.

Use pancreatitis

the treatment of pancreatitis taking activated charcoal can only on prescription.If the disease is fairly easy, the reception of the drug due to its inherent properties absorbent normalizes the intestine and helps to cleanse the blood from harmful substances.If pancreatitis is difficult during administration of activated charcoal improves the performance of endotoxemia, reduces pain, and dyspepsia.

Features reception

Before starting reception activated carbon, pancreatitis patients must be aware of the fact that the drug, along with toxic substances and absorb useful.Therefore uncontrolled intake of medication over a long time is able to provoke a ma

lfunction in the process proceeds to the blood of vitamins and other nutrients.Furthermore, it can lead to a significant weakening of the therapeutic effect of drugs consumed.

ideal option receiving the sorbent is to create a so-called aqueous slurry.Cook it very simple.It should take the tablets of activated charcoal and crush them into a powder, which fill with purified water.In no time you can just chew the tablet or swallow it, be sure to drinking plenty of fluids.

Taking activated charcoal for pancreatitis necessary dosage prescribed by the doctor.It is very important between the reception of the sorbent and other medicines to maintain the interval at 3 o'clock.


Many people are absolutely sure that activated carbon - is the safest of all existing drugs in modern times, because it can take even the kids.However, even in this preparation are contraindications.

For patients with pancreatitis activated carbon will not benefit and harm in the event that there is an individual intolerance to the components that make up the funds.Also, from the reception of the sorbent must be abandoned in the case along with pancreatitis occur diseases such as ulcers of the digestive organs (intestines or stomach) or ulcerative colitis nonspecific form.

strictly prohibited activated carbon is for those people who suffer from bleeding in the organs of the digestive system.

In the absence of contraindications, and in compliance with all recommendations of the doctor receiving the activated carbon during pancreatitis significantly improve the state of health of the patient.