Can we starve for gastritis?

By Admin | Health Recipes
05 June 2016

diseases of the gastrointestinal tract require a special approach in selecting treatment methods.This is due to the need to respect a special diet, because without a properly sized nutrition recovery may be delayed for a long period.In the treatment of gastritis fasting is regarded as one of the stages of therapy.When hunger need therapy, and how to organize it?

Fasting as the initial treatment of acute gastritis

Health effects of starvation due to the fact that the refusal of food going to mobilize the body's defenses and strengthen its self-regulation.

particularly important to starvation in the diagnosis of "acute gastritis" when compliance with a strict diet is required from the beginning of the disease.Fasting is the first stage of the diet.If you follow the classical approach is required to completely abandon the food for 1-2 days.During the two days allowed to drink a little water (can be alternated with alkaline drinking), but to achieve the best therapeutic effect, it is desirable to adher

e to abstinence dry.

In the absence of contraindications for the second day, you can enter into the diet of unsweetened tea.If on the third day dull pain can stop the starvation in the menu introducing low-fat broth and pureed through a sieve thick congee with croutons.

Features starvation in chronic gastritis

While many experts are categorical treatment of chronic gastritis fasting, the benefits of such a method is evidenced by numerous positive results.According to scientists, you just need to take into account all the nuances, taking into account the characteristics of diagnosed form of the disease.For example, the decisive factor may be the acidity of gastric juice, which is able to eat away at the stomach wall.However, the complete abstinence from food is eliminated reflex release of juice, which means that fasting is possible.

For optimal results, the treatment often professionals choose an intermediate option between meals and a complete rejection of it.Food consumed in small portions, choosing a light meal, but, in practice, is tantamount to power starvation in the water.If the acidity is reduced or normal, suitable dry starvation.

As soon as the aggravation, conducted a three-day fasting, then go to nutrition light food.Effectively fast cycles: after three days of starvation for five days provide easy food, and then double-chain repeat.

When fasting is unacceptable?

Despite the usefulness of starvation in some situations, this method of treatment is absolutely contraindicated.Fasting is unacceptable when:

  • depletion of the body when there is a sharp restriction of vital resources;
  • during antibiotic therapy in the treatment of microbial forms of gastritis.

if we exclude the above points, fasting for gastritis may be carried out under conditions of good tolerability and absence of symptoms worsening health.